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Mako Tsunami – a big wave hit the Yugi H5 player community in summer 2018

New Character – Ocean Boy

Mako Tsunami is one of the characters that made an impression in the King of Games manga series. This is a real fisherman with a dream to become a great fisherman like his father. Mako Tsunami impresses with the characteristic water cards, the monsters hidden in the deep sea but the power is extremely terrible.


For those who have seen the King of Games comic series, they must still be impressed with the ecstatic attacks of the sea meta. It was this meta that helped Mako Tsunami take 3rd place at the Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship. Will the appearance at Yugih5, Mako Tsunami be able to cope with the huge meta series that has stormed before?


Bring the sea to the cards on hot summer days
Launched 7 characters with 7 featured card packs, but so far, Yugih5 players can only use decks with terrestrial alliances such as Dinosaur, Bird, Dragon…. Therefore, every player aspires to own a deck of cards with an underwater alliance to enrich his strategy. The Fish Tribe pack appears not only to increase the number of cards in the Yugih5 deck, but also promises to bring unexpected changes in the gameplay of the players. Let’s review some of the unique cards of this deck!


Skill: When you have a Water monster on your side of the field, you can Normal Summon this card without sacrificing.
This is the Key card of the Fish Tribe deck, capable of entering the field without Tributing if our side has a Water type monster. Helps to stack damage very quickly for 1 turn, making the opponent unable to react


Skill: While on the field, an opponent’s monster that attacks this card has its attack score automatically reduced to 0. Effect only activates 1 time.
The Three Great Gods were once a legend of Yu-Gi-Oh! and no one can forget the power of these cards. Through the Fish Tribe deck, the Water God Suijin was revealed. Will the remaining 2 gods appear in the upcoming decks?​


Skill: Select Special Summon 1 monster [3] Stars down from the Fish · Sea Dragon · Water clan from our side’s graves
This is a great support card for the Water tribe with resurrecting monsters and more specifically, the feature of choosing the card you want to revive.​


Skill: Destroys all Water Yard monsters on either side, dealing damage equal to the total number of destroyed monsters to the Graveyard x[500].
If the opponent owns a lot of Water-type cards on the field, the Ice Crystal is a formidable assassin who can easily take these cards to the grave and deal damage with a small number of points.

Massive series of events and updates
With the appearance of a new character, Yugih5 has launched a super hot Event Fanpage for card players – PICTURES GET CODE. This will be a playground for players to receive attractive gifts. Please visit Fanpage Yugih5 to participate in this event.


Besides the landing of Mako Tsunami with the Fish Tribe deck, this May, the Yugih5 player also experiences many interesting updates:​

  • Golden Hour: Online at the right time to receive attractive gifts.​

  • Adventure: Open Jonouchi Adventure.​

  • New Fashion: Dark Doll – Necrofear.​

  • Pharaoh Wheel 3.​

  • Shop: Updated Loi Nha Shop, Huu Vo Shop.​

Enter Yugih5 now and discover the power of the rising sea!
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