Marvel officially released the first cut scene of the blockbuster ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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With the largest number of actors in the history of the cinematic universe Marveltrying to be able to include everyone in the scenes in Avengers: Infinity War is extremely difficult. So by the time the movie was released, even though the film had a very long time, the producer still had to try to cut out many scenes that did not affect the film circuit. This is quite a headache because there will be many good segments that will still be omitted. Recently, Marvel began releasing the first cut of this blockbuster.


The main characters in this 2+ minute clip are the members of the group “Guardians of the Galaxy” aboard the spaceship after Gamora was captured by Thanos. “Sinner” Star Lord still listens to his favorite music over and over, while Drax couldn’t stand it and asked to turn it off. This was followed by a constant childlike argument between the two, until Mantis informed that the new top secret message machine was constantly on. It is a series of messages sent by Nebula to the galactic guardian group informing Gamora’s situation after going with Thanos.

The scene above received mixed reviews from the audience, many people thought it was funny and also explained why Star Lord and his gang saved Nebula and went to Titan to meet the Iron Man group. . Other opinions agree with the producer who cut the video because it was too “bland” and did not affect the film’s flow too much later. Moreover, the “game-breaking” actions of Star Lord throughout the film are inherently enough to make the audience too frustrated and tired. If this segment is kept, then listening to music, arguing, blaming others … makes this character even more “useless” in the movie. An interesting detail in this video is that Mantis is an insect, so she will be attracted to all kinds of lights. That’s why she kept paying attention to the indicator light on the message receiver.


Because of trying to cut many scenes to keep the length of 2 hours and 40 minutes, Marvel decided to release a fuller Blu-ray version of the movie. Infinity War. The Russo Brothers have revealed that this Blu-ray will be released on August 14.

Check out the first cut in Avengers 3: Infinity War in the video below:

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