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Free Fire is the most popular survival shooter today, not only in Vietnam but also in the world. However, not everyone knows all the facts about Free Fire down here.

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Who created Free Fire?

Free Fire game developer

Free Fire was released by Garena, a Singapore-based company … and developed by 111 Dots, a Vietnam Studio. Forrest Li, the founder of Garena, has a net worth of $ 6.8 billion, higher than PUBG founder Brendan Greene.

When was Free Fire released?

Free Fire was officially released on September 30, 2017. However, since the beta test period of Free Fire has been running for a while, Garena took August 23 as the official “birthday” date of game.

Popularity of Garena Free Fire

Free Fire game rankings

As of November 2020, Free Fire has raked in more than a billion dollars worldwide, with more than 100 million active players every day around the globe. Free Fire won the award for the best mobile esports game in 2020. Vietnam is ranked 6th in the top country with the most Free Fire players.

Which engine is Garena Free Fire built on?

Free Fire was developed using Unity Engine, a popular game development tool. Due to being a low-end engine, Free Fire looks pretty ugly compared to regular mobile games but in return, it works much better.

Free Fire game development tool

Of course, Garena is still trying to develop the game beyond Unity with the Free Fire Max version. Max version will have much nicer graphics than normal Free Fire.

Which country is making the most money from the mobile Esports Free Fire game?

Currently, Thailand is at the top with more than 507,000 USD. Second is Brazil with 262,000 USD.

Above are interesting facts about Free Fire after 3 years of release. What do you think about the above numbers? Do you have any other special info about Garena Free Fire? If so, please share with readers with offline!

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