Free Fire: Is the M82B the most powerful gun in the game?

SĂșng M82B trong Free Fire

One of the secrets of success Free Fire is constantly adding new quality weapons and most recently the M82B sniper rifle. Let’s find out all information about The latest Free Fire M82B gun Hey!

The M82B gun in Free Fire

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Free Fire M82B gun in real life

The M82B is based on the real-life Barrett M82 – the deadliest sniper weapon in the world. The US military has been using it for 30 years. The most outstanding thing about this gun is that it has extremely high armor penetration ability. In the Anti-Material Gun category, Barret is designed to sabotage enemy vehicles. It’s a waste to use it to shoot normal enemies. Barrett M82B is also known as M107 in the US – the M stands for Model.

Real-life M82B gun prototype

Design M82B in Free Fire

M82B was released on Free Fire OB22, 6/2020. It is quite similar to the real life version. Its bipedal mount, however, is not included in the Free Fire. This may have something to do with balance because reducing recoil from the bipods would make the weapon too powerful.

Design M82B in Free Fire

The M82B is often used in the tummy position due to its weight up to 14kg. Moving around while shooting is just one in-game feature. Using the M82B like that in real life will be difficult to aim accurately.

Basic information about the Free Fire M82B gun

  • Damage: 90
  • Range: 85
  • Magazine: 8
  • Movement speed: 55
  • Rate of fire: 27
  • Reload speed: 41
  • Accuracy: 90
  • Armor penetration: 67
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M82B gun specifications

Overall, the M82B has the same damage stats, rate of fire, and accuracy as other sniper weapons (ex: AWM). That means the damage on unarmored targets is pretty much. However, many AR weapons do not have armor penetration 67. Therefore, it is more efficient to use M82B to fire targets with armor.

Movement speed and range decreased a bit, but not a big deal. The 8-bullet cartridge is relatively good enough that you don’t have to reload as often.


M82B may be the weapon possessing the most special ability in the Free Fire game. In addition to armor penetration, it also increases damage to glue bombs and vehicles, and even penetrates walls to hit targets behind it.

Break the glue bomb in Free Fire with M82B

Proper character skills using M82B in Free Fire

Hayato and Laura aren’t really that useful when using the M82B – this gun has super high accuracy and armor penetration. A little extra won’t make any difference. There are only 2 character skills below that are best suited to use the Free Fire M82B gun:


One of the most important ingredients when it comes to building an gunner – Rafael’s Dead Silent feature ensures your position isn’t exposed when shot.


M82B will make the Chrono character even more powerful. If caught, just throw the Time Turner shield and keep firing.

For the last 2 positions, you have more options – with K and Alok being the best overall pick.

Tips and how to use the gun Free Fire M82B

Overall, you will want a balanced option that can perform well in the almost SCAR, XM8, and AN94 range. If you’re ambushing inside a hard-to-spot area like the top of a building, an SMG like the MP40 is also a good choice.

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Lie on your stomach when using this weapon to increase stability and decrease recoil. Like all snipers, you should choose an ambush position on high ground so that it is difficult for the enemy to escape from your attack.

Above is everything you need to know about M82B in Free Fire. If you know more tips to use other Free Fire guns, please share with offline!

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