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Rules Of Survival: How to handle boating narrow to sea, river or lake

When the circle gradually narrows into the areas of sea, river, or lake, it is easy for the enemy to detect it because it is empty, there are few hiding places. So what to do when falling into this situation? In general, players are looking for a way to boil as fast as possible, but is that okay?

Rules Of Survival: Rules Of Survival

Invite you to refer to 3 more tips below, to quickly become the last survivor even when the circle narrows to water places like this:

What to do when you narrow the area to sea, rivers and lakes in Rules Of Survival?

Hiding on the shore even though it was outside

If loot a lot of blood, energy drinks, ecstasy then choose a spot on the shore. Although it is outside the ring, if the blood is pumped in time, it is not a worry. Even more carefully, immediately find a means of transport to quickly rush ashore, find a place to hide.

Hiding on the shore even though it was outside

Owning Cano, Car with air cushion since early

Quickly find yourself a Cano or Air cushion vehicle to use when needed. Both of these vehicles can run on water, with very fast speeds. With 1 of these two vehicles, whichever side first owns it will take advantage of the narrow sea in the vast ocean:

  • Air cushion vehicle: Movable both on land and underwater. Traveling on the ground is slower due to friction, but with a map of diverse terrain, many lakes alternating with swamps like the new Marsh map is extremely convenient.
  • Cano (Speedboat): Carrying up to 4 people at once, appears many along the 2 banks of the river. You just need to move to get there to run.


Hides on the rocks between the strait

Located in the strait separating Fortune Islands, there are large rocks, you can control your character to run up there, hide and wait for the opportunity to shoot the enemy. Of course, you need to observe the amount of blood, to see if there are many preventive drugs to use when needed.


Hopefully the above article will help you have more experience in dealing with narrow boars on rivers, seas and lakes. In addition to the PC version, you can also experience Rules Of Survival on the phone:

Rules of Survival for Android Rules of Survival for iOS

Wish you all success!

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