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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Witness 5 characters launching super moves at the same time

Dragon Ball FighterZ is very close to the hands of gamers and what makes fans extremely looking forward to this super product is the “crazy” substance in the combat phases of the game. Indeed, it accurately represents the images that 7 Dragon Balls have conveyed on Manga and Anime, promising to satisfy fans’ long-standing dreams. However, one of the other attractive elements of Dragon Ball Fighter Z as well as the fighting genre in general is that gamers can do anything in a match.


Where gamers witnessed the useless Yamcha single-handedly defeating both Goku Black and Beerus in the previous video, now viewers continue to enjoy the image of 5 Dragon Ball characters launching super moves at the same time on the screen. Called “Super” in the game, these super moves show the absolute power of a warrior.. and for that reason it creates the most epic image that fans have ever seen. seen in Dragon Ball FighterZ.


In this video you can see that this is a Tag Team match between Vegeta, Majin Buu and Trunks on one side, and Cell, Android 18 and Android 16 on the other. This point of the match Vegeta has run out of health and the icon is completely grayed out. However, without him, the market was still crowded.. and at the exact moment Cell tried to launch his great move, the other side of the arena Majin Buu did exactly the same thing. Not stopping there, Android 18 also appeared on the battlefield to support teammates with an energy ball in his hand, causing Trunks to reveal his face and fight Super directly with the enemy’s Android 16. Immediately a crazy scene appeared on the screen, as if it could blow away dozens of Namek planets at once.


After all, with the advantage of numbers and abundant blood, Android 16 still stands. Faced with the exhausted Majin Buu, this robot man continued to perform the 6th Super move in the match with the characteristic image of breaking his arms and pouring rain on his head.. With this super combo, the products of Dr. Gero officially won.

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