List of champions League of Legends Mobile

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After releasing the League of Legends Mobile trailer, the publisher Riot Games has announced a list of 40 generals that will be available as soon as the game officially launches, the list of League of Legends Mobile champions are of great interest to many gamers. , notice.

The following is a list of Mobile Legends champions that were revealed by NPH a few hours ago, the number of champions will be continuously updated in the upcoming versions. Familiar faces like Yasuo, Camille, Annie, Malphite and Nasus will definitely appear as soon as you play.

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General of League of Legends Wild Rift

List of champions League of Legends Mobile

The list of champions below are all typical faces, appearing often in public matches. They are relatively easy to play and quite easy for you to control on your phone, maybe this is the intention of NPH when you want gamers to get used to the Mobile control mechanism. Lee Sin or Elise will definitely appear in the upcoming update.

– XinZhao
– Tryndamere
– Olaf
– Gragas
– Janna
– Shyvana
– Master Yi
– Alistar
– Ahri
– Jinx
– Soraka
– Vayne
– Jax
– Ziggs
– Yasuo
– Camille
– Garen
– Braum
– Zed
– Because
– Blitzcrank
– Ezreal
– Mundo
– Fiora
– Jhin
– Fizz
– Annie
– Nasus
– Malphite
– Lux
– Miss Fortune
– Orianna
– Ashe
– Twisted Fate
– Nami

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According to the official announcement of Riot Games, League of Legends Mobile will own 40 generals when available on Google Play and App Store systems, ensuring a rich list of League of Legends Mobile champions for gamers, helping them to freely choose. choose.

Right now, Riot allows gamers Register for League of Legends Mobile In advance on their system, players who register in advance will receive a lot of valuable rewards and gifts when the game is officially launched. Hurry up and register today.
– Link to download Android version: League of Legends Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: League of Legends Mobile for iPhone

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