Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne Rush

Chinh phuc Throne Rush 2 - Emergenceingame

Throne Rush is an extremely attractive top-notch empire game, attracting a lot of players on both Android and iOS platforms. Join the game, you are transformed into a hero to conquer ancient fortresses in Europe, merging the lands divided by other players in the land of Adergran.

With the task of building mills to produce food, building mines to extract gold, and building walls and defense towers to protect the resources created to quickly become a famous hegemony that makes everyone must respect. To be able to conquer this game requires players to have their own tactics as well as learn more experience to quickly build their own kingdom.

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne Rush

In Throne Rush, you are only allowed to use two main resources, gold and food, to build a nation and wage war. Besides these two types, you can also use diamonds (Gem) to speed up the construction process or buy special items.

To play this game, players must know how many types of buildings, how many types of soldiers, how many types of towers and defense systems? Today, will help you better understand all of the above issues to easily conquer this fascinating Throne Rush game:

1. Construction of works:

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne Rush

At the beginning of the game you will be provided with a single builder, so pay attention to start with tasks that take less time to have time to do other tasks. With a small number of builders, you also need to plan to use it reasonably. Building the building in a reasonable and neat way, the safer it is from enemy attacks. Buildings in the game Throne Rush is divided into 3 main types:

  • Civil works: Include: Windmill (mill), Barn (granary), Mine (gold mine) and Treasury (treasure) help produce food or gold for the kingdom.
  • Military works: Includes: Headquarter (increase the number of troops), Barrack (barracks, unlock new soldiers), Forge (level up soldiers), Alchemy Lab and Tavern (unlock and recruit generals).
  • Special works: Build a House of Brotherhood to join an alliance or create your own. At the same time, you can also build a Hall of Fame to keep your trophies on the way to conquer the throne.

2. Build soldiers:

In the game Throne Rush has 10 different types of soldiers, each with its own characteristics, so you need to know each type to easily come up with specific attack strategies. To make it easier for you to grasp, we will divide it into 3 types according to the attack target as follows:

* Close range attack (Nearest):

  • Knight: As a brave warrior, ready to rush into battle, the larger the number, the more Knight will promote his strength. The higher the level, the higher the attack ability of this warrior.
  • Elves: As ancient warriors fight with precision. This warrior also has the advantage of numbers, the more, the more powerful he is. The higher you go, the more arrows you can shoot at once.

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne RushInstructions to conquer the game empire Throne Rush

  • Trolls: This warrior is quite huge but has the advantage of attack that makes the enemy terrify every time they face them. However, because of their huge body, they take up a lot of space in the body barrack.
  • Eagle: Eagle warriors have the advantage of attacking from above, making it easier to conquer. However, they also take up quite a bit of space.

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne RushChinh phuc Throne Rush 6 - Emergenceingame

  • Mages: A witch master who uses powerful destructive magic. Similar to Troll and Eagle, the number is also limited by using up to 4 positions in the barracks.

Chinh phuc Throne Rush 8 - Emergenceingame

* Attack defense system:

  • Orcs: This powerful and merciless warrior smashes the opponent’s defenses quickly, clearing the way for the army to enter. If owning a larger army, it will be a terror to the enemy, Orcs occupy a negligible area with only 2 positions in the barracks.

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne Rush

  • Wraith: Ghost warrior possesses strong attack speed and power, but occupies up to 10 positions in the barracks.
  • Ents: The forest gods easily smash the enemy’s defense wall, help you get to the throne faster but slow speed and occupy up to 20 positions in the barracks.

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne RushChinh phuc Throne Rush 12 - Emergenceingame

* Attack the resource warehouse:

  • Goblins: This alien creature is small but has the ability to fight stealthily and bring you a lot of gold and food from the opponent’s resource store. Goblins only occupy 1 position in the barracks, so you can call many soldiers in to bring them to battle.
  • Dragon: Dragon warrior can rob the enemy’s gold store easily. However, the number of dragons mobilized was very limited by occupying 40 positions in the barracks.

Instructions to conquer the game empire Throne RushChinh phuc Throne Rush 14 - Emergenceingame

3. Build a defense system:

Walls and defense towers (Tower) will be the two main factors in the defense system, closely related to the castle level (Castle). The higher the castle level, the higher the wall is built, the more defensive towers will make it difficult for enemies to attack your castle.

Chinh phuc Throne Rush 15 - Emergenceingame

There are 7 types of tower defenses in Throne Rush:

  • Tower: Basic tower.
  • Archer Tower: Archer Tower.
  • Cannon: Gunner tower.
  • Storm Spire: Storm tower.
  • Ziggurat: Solid tower.
  • Tower of Fire: Fire tower.
  • Tower of Death: Death Tower.

When you know the characteristics of each type of army, types of buildings, as well as defense systems, you will come up with a reasonable playing strategy, easily conquering the game. Throne Rush. If you want to play empire games on desktop, you can refer to some of the following titles: Age of Empires, Elite Forces: Warfare, Empire of the Galaldur… to entertain after hours of work as well as study stress.

Please refer to the video tutorial Throne Rush:

Have fun playing the game!

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