Instructions for typing Vietnamese in Audition game

Audition 650 - Emergenceingame

You love the game Audition because you can immerse yourself in the world of fashion, music and burning dances after stressful study and working hours. However, during the replay, I did not know how to type accented Vietnamese with my partner. So invite you to follow the following article of

Vietnamese typing guide in Audition

Step 1: Download Unikey about computers. Then, right-click Unikey icon, choose Run as administrator to allow Unikey to always run as Admin.

Run Unikey as Admin

Step 2: Window Unikey appears, at control panel click down arrow in Code table, choose Vietnamese Locale CP 1258. Then, press the button Closed, then log in to Audition to comfortably chat Vietnamese with you.



  • If you choose Vietnamese Locale CP 1258 If you can’t chat in Vietnamese, you can choose to go Unicode Combination Please.
  • Do not run multiple Unikey at the same time, but must completely delete the old Unikey (if any) before installing a new one.

So now gamers can dance Au while chatting in Vietnamese with their friends. Isn’t that great? When playing League of Legends game but having an error that cannot type Vietnamese even though there is a support program installed, you can refer how to fix Vietnamese typing error in LOL that we introduced before.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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