Instructions to change Wifi password Tenda AC10U

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To set up and change the Wifi password Tenda AC10U is not difficult, because the operations for you to perform are quite simple. Please refer to details on how to install AC10U – a new generation router model, with high-speed 2-band Wi-Fi.

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Tenda AC10U is a standard AC1200 dual-band WiFi router that broadcasts Wifi signal with a powerful configuration with 1GHz CPU and 128MB of DDR3 Ram giving you the best performance in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

tenda ac10u wifi router

Tenda AC10U AC1200 dual-band WiFi owns a powerful configuration, high Ram memory

How to change Wifi password Tenda AC10U

To install Tenda AC10U or change Tenda AC10U wifi password, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: You need to plug in the power to the Router device -> Then use the network cable to connect to the Internet with the device. You attach to the WAN port (blue) on Tenda AC10U to connect.

Next, you see that the WAN light is on, which means your connection is successful.

Step 2: Use a laptop computer to connect to the Tenda AC10U Wifi wave, now the Modem will have a Wifi network named as red circled below and no password.

tenda ac10u 2 wifi router

Step 3: Open a web browser -> then enter the default address bar as: -> then press Enter to access.

tenda ac10u 3's wifi connection

You press the button Start to begin

tenda ac10u 4 wifi connection

Step 4: Select the mechanism to connect. Show mechanism Dynamic IP Address used is common -> so you choose Dynamic IP Address -> then press next to continue

tenda ac10u 5 wifi connection

You make the following choices:

– Select mode as Transmit Power: High

– Name the Wi-Fi

– Set Wi-Fi password

– You tick the box Set the WiFi password as the login password of the admin account if you want the login password and Wifi password to be the same.

– Set the configuration site login password.

tenda ac10u 6 . wifi connection

Step 5: The installation is successful, you can now connect to the new Wifi name

tenda ac10u wifi router 7

You go to wifi connection -> then find Wifi with the name you just set -> then make the connection as usual.

tenda ac10u wifi router 8

Step 6: At this step, you will go back to the Tenda configuration website -> then enter the web login password you just reset above.

tenda ac10u 9 . wifi connection

You will see the interface Internet Status shows the successful connection status, you can see how many people connect, how many USB connections.

tenda ac10u 10 . wifi connection

You can go to Wifi Settings to customize wifi and reset wifi password if you want. In addition, you can also set other customizations such as: Wifi Name & Password, Wifi Schedule, Wireless Repeating, Channel & Bandwidth…

tenda ac10u 11's wifi connection

Suppose you choose Wifi Name & Password (wifi name and password) -> the interface after you choose will be as shown below:

tenda ac10u 12 wifi connection

Part 2.4 GHz Network -> you can name Wifi, then choose security mode and enter password to login.

tenda ac10u 13 . wifi router

Part 5 GHz Network By default, it will be off, with the 5GHz network, the network will be stable and the speed will be better, but this network also limits the device that can catch the signal.

To set up, you also click as described in the image below, and it will display the same information for you to set up as above. 2.4 GHz Network

tenda ac10u 14 . wifi connection

After the setup is complete, click Save to save is done.

tenda ac10u 15 . wifi connection

So with just a few steps above, you have set up yourself, change password Wifi Tenda AC10U Success. With the Tenda AC10U wifi set, it allows you to use it well in both 5GHz bands with speeds up to 867Mbps and 2.4GHz with speeds of 300Mbps.
Besides, if you unfortunately have a Wifi error that you cannot access the network even though you can still see the connection, there is still a signal without knowing the cause and how to handle it, please refer to the article immediately. fix wifi not connecting to the network has been shared by to know how to do it. Good luck!

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