How to create a Gmail signature, send messages more professional

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Knowing how to create a beautiful, professional and complete personal or corporate Gmail signature, phone number, logo will help us when sending letters to partners and customers not only convey the desired content but also help them get the information to respond as quickly as possible.

Gmail is the default mailbox available on Google, so a lot of people choose to sign up for Gmail and use it. Using Gmail will help you send Emails with attachments up to 25MB, support storing a lot more Emails than Yahoo Mail, in addition, you can also create beautiful, professional personal gmail signatures to store your information.

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How do I sign up for gmail?

How to create a professional Gmail signature

You are a person who regularly logs in to gmail to send and receive Email, but the recipient does not know who you are. So what is the way to stay in touch with others, but how do others recognize you? The simple way is to log in to gmail and create a gmail signature with your company’s logo, store, or phone number and address.

Using Gmail, you can set your own signature such as your name, contact address, phone number or a photo file featuring yourself.

Instructions for creating a Gmail signature

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen –>Settings (Settings)

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Step 2: In Tab General (general settings) , find the item Signature (Signature), check the box below the box No Signatureenter the gmail signature in the compose box, this is the step to create your gmail signature.

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Step 3: After you have created your own gmail signature, click Save changes (Save Changes) at the bottom of the page to save the settings

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At this point, try to open the new Email compose frame, you will see the gmail signature appear at the bottom of the message. You only need to enter the content as well as the recipient’s email address, the signature will always be displayed in each message you create.

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Thus, has finished creating a simple gmail signature so that when sending mail, the recipient will get your most complete information. Also, when you signed up, you entered your phone number, and now you want to change it, refer to how change gmail phone number to change another phone number

Once you’ve created your signature in Gmail, your signature will appear in the space below the body of your reply email. In addition, you can tell Gmail to only display signatures with certain contacts by checking the box/option before pressing the Save Changes button.

In addition to creating signatures for Gmail, Email, you can also refer to more good and professional Email names here to score points and impress others when sending Mail.

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Thus, you have just grasped the steps to create a Gmail signature with If you want to add more or encounter any errors when creating a signature in Gmail, do not hesitate to share with You can also create gmail signature on your phone easily.

You can download Gmail and use it on iOS and Android devices here:

* Download gmail for iPhone phones: Gmail for iPhone
* Download Gmail for Android phones: Gmail for Android

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: How do I turn off Gmail’s auto-reply?
A: You will see a horizontal banner above your Gmail inbox, showing the subject of the autoresponder. You click on it to turn off the automatic reply feature.

Q: When will my autoresponder email be sent out?
A: (Answers are in Google’s Q&A section) Autoresponders start working at 12:00 AM early in the day and end at 11:59 PM at the end of the day unless you want them to end sooner. In most cases, autoresponder emails are only sent to people who email you for the first time.

Here are some cases where the recipient will receive your autoresponder email more than once:

– If the same person contacts you again after four (04) days and the email autoresponder feature is still active, they will get your auto reply email again.
– Your autoresponder email starts being sent out every time you edit. If someone who received your original autoresponder email you again after you edit the body of the reply, they will receive a new reply email.
– If you use Gmail at your office, school, or other organization, you can choose to email replies to everyone or only people on your work list.

Note: Emails sent to the Spam folder and emails on the watch list will not receive an autoresponder email.

Video tutorial to create professional Gmail font

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