Instructions to change the code for placing bombs C4 CSGO

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The mysterious numbers behind the C4 CSGO code have never been revealed, 7355608 has been very familiar to FPS players at any point in their lives, a historical journey throughout the last Counter Strike. also answered.

Finally, after an exciting 17 years of Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Global Offensive. Now you can also change the C4 (boom) code in CSGO, very simple, with just a few steps, you can change the code to place the C4 bomb and then be full, follow along to know the method.

change the head of the c4 csgo

Boom C4 CSGO booking code

– Link to download PC version: CSGO for PC

Instructions to change the code for placing bombs C4 CSGO

The methods on how to change the CSGO c4 code are client side only and no one else can see this but you. This has no risk of VAC or any restrictions on the server, you can use this method in third-party software as well as the FACEIT, ESEA and SoStronk communities.

Step 1: First you need to access and download CSGO Bomb Code Pack on the Taimienphi website, then launch (open) the downloaded file.

The new owner is the boss of the c4 csgo 2

Step 2: A bunch of predefined custom codes you can use here, click Folder where you want to change the C4 CSGO bomb code (the folder name is the C4 bomb code).

The new owner is a c4 csgo 3 bomb

Step 3: In the folder there is a file of the form .ttf and .pgn. PNG is an image file that, after converting, the characters or the C4 bomb code will be displayed in the game after you install it.

The new owner is a c4 csgo 4 bomb

Going back to the setup step, now click on the file with the extension .ttf and then press Install, the system automatically installs the Counter Strike Global Offensive game on your computer.

The new owner is a c4 csgo 5
And now you go directly into the game and see the process of changing your CSGO C4 bomb code, the fact that the change in is only client side and no one else but you will be able to see it. Also you can refer to the list command CSGO here, adjust the game’s system for the best experience. Changes are not deemed fraudulent or illegal by Counter Strike Global Offensive publisher rules.

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