Garena Free Fire introduces Blood Demon Rikoto

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Garena Free Fire has been gaining traction at breakneck speed, currently boasting #4 on the Google Play Store free games leaderboard. Matches last only 10 minutes and up to 49 players are forced to hustle from the first minute to ensure their survival.

Garena Free Fire has just announced their season 17 Elite Pass (EP) content, which tells the Blood Demon’s revenge story. The EP will officially go live on October 1, 2019, while players can pre-purchase it on September 28, 2019, where gamers have a lot of opportunities to receive the Blood Demon Katana skin, a of the best rewards of this season.

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Legend of Blood Demon Rikoto

The Elite Pass Season 17 conveys the story of Rikoto, the Samurai Blood Demon warrior’s conflict with his master. Rikoto, the most skilled and disciplined swordsman of his Bloodthorn tribe was exiled many years ago. When he heard that his wife was being held captive by the then dictator, Rikoto returned to the village and sought revenge. Not only winning wars, Rikoto also won the respect of the Bloodthorn Tribe, emerging as their rightful leader. A new era for Bloodthorn is about to begin with the rise of the Blood Demon.

Exciting rewards for gamers after completing the missions in season 17 are two S-level costumes, an exclusive Blood Demon emote, backpack, skateboard and many other in-game items. In addition to the 2 beautiful Samurai skins, gamers can also get skins and weapons with various special prizes with access to Elite Quests, as well as an increase in the daily gold income limit.

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Garena Free Fire has become more prominent when it comes to its impressive, top-notch gameplay on the charts, making it a serious competitor to other games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. Free Fire has become a huge hit globally with over 450 million registered people, more than 50 million daily players as of May 2019. According to App Annie, Garena Free Fire Battle Royale game is the most downloaded game on the Google Play app store and the App Store in Q2 2019.

– Link to download Android version: Free Fire for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Free Fire for iPhone
– Link to download PC version: Free Fire for PC
Currently, Garena Free Fire has removed the giftcode input form on its official website, gamers can instead enter Code Free Fire right in the game without having to go far, if you don’t know how, please refer to Taimienphi’s article. All information about the game will be continuously updated by us for readers.

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