Instructions to block friend messages on facebook

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When the number of friends on Facebook is large enough, now you will want to block friend messages from people you do not know. Because sometimes some people make friends for the sole purpose of spamming.

When joining Facebook, many people get annoyed when they are constantly spammed by people they don’t know. Because many people now use their personal Facebook pages to do business, it is inevitable that they will be tagged bluffs from all over the world.

To minimize spam, you should block friend messages from unknown people on Facebook. Refer to the steps below to see how.

How to block/unblock messages, make friends on facebook

Step 1: First you enter Settings/Setup on his personal Facebook page.

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Step 2: From the card Privacy/Privacy you look to the right column will see the line Who can send you friend requests/Who can send you friend requests. Here you choose Friends of Friends/Friends of friends instead Everyone/All.

please contact me on facebook

After doing this. Strangers will no longer see the Make Friends button on your wall.

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So we have introduced to you how to block / unblock messages, make friends on Facebook. If you want to unblock, you just need to switch to Everyone mode, in addition, we also guide how to unfriend on Facebook. If interested, please drop by for reference.
To cancel a friend request on Facebook, we can do it easily with each person, however, to cancel a mass friend request on Facebook, how to do it, please refer to the article cancel bulk friend requests on facebook here.

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