How to get a new Facebook ID

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A short, clear Facebook link will help people remember you better. In addition, it also helps you find your account faster.

Facebook is constantly updating and changing, even the way to get Facebook ID is not the same as before. If you are looking to get your Facebook ID or want to change it to make it easier to remember for new Facebook users, you should refer to the content below for more details.

How to get a new Facebook ID

Step 1: First you log into your Facebook. Next choose Setting.

how to change facebook id

Step 2: At the card Shared Please pay attention to the option User name. Here you click on the button Edit.

  set facebook id

Step 3: Enter a new ID if you want to change it. Or copy the ID using the key combination Ctrl-C. The ID must consist of letters from a-z, and may include numbers and periods.

change my facebook id

After you have an ID, you can add it after Facebook to send it to your friends. Eg such as.

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That’s how to get the latest Facebook ID that we want to introduce to you in this article. Sometimes someone wants to make friends but they can’t find the Facebook name in the search bar, so sending the link is the best option. Please refer to the announcement article when available Facebook login device notification For more details.

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