Instructions on how to play Gardenscapes for beginners

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Gardenscapes is an intellectual game combined with Match-3, extremely unique and very popular today. When playing this game, we will be transported into a magical shimmering world and the task that we have to do is to restore the devastated gardens, become more beautiful.

Gardenscapes was formerly known as a multiplayer game on Facebook, but now this game is available on mobile and computer. Here, we will introduce instructions to download and play Gardenscapes on your phone, invite you to join us.

1. Instructions to install Gardenscapes on phone

Here are the steps to install this game on Android, in addition you can also do the same for iOS, or want to quickly download the game to your phone, please press the download button below.

Download Gardenscapes on Android Download Gardenscapes on iOS

Step 1: First, open it CH Play app store (App Store for iOS) on the phone up.

Step 2: Enter keywords Gardenscapes, then press Search.

Step 3: To be able to download the game to your phone, press the button Setting.

Step 4: Wait a while for the game installation to be completed, touch the button Open to start playing Gardenscapes.

Open CH PlayPress InstallClick Open

2. Instructions to play Gardenscapes for beginners

Step 1: First, we’ll have to wait a while for the system to load the game’s data.

Wait for the system to load the game data

Step 2: Press the button Play or play by Facebook account to receive many attractive gifts.

Press Play

BEstimation 3: This time will display the instructions of Austin character, Press triangle at the bottom to ignore.

Click on the triangle

Step 4: Name the character mine.

Name the character

Step 5: Continue, click triangle to ignore instructions.

Continue to press on the triangle

Step 6: At this point, we will have to play one mini game to be able to earn money to buy items for my old garden. The way to play this game is also simple, I just have to move the fruits left or right, up or down, so that at least 3 of the same kind are arranged in a column or row and collect them.

Play mini games

Step 7: After completing the amount of collected fruit that the system sets out, I will receive one star.

Get a star for completing the mini game quota

Step 8: Click book icon in the left corner of the screen side.

Click on the book icon

Step 9: Touch the button Do it, in exchange for the number of stars I received just now for any utility for the garden.

Press the Do it button

Step 10: Click item there, put it in the garden, then press it tick mark bottom right corner of the screen.

Click on widgets and tick mark

Step 11: Repeat steps 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, until you have enough supplies to restore your garden.

Follow the steps until the garden is restored

Step 12: Now, you will open the gift of the system after restoring the garden and making it more beautiful.

Open the gift box

Step 13: Next, the steps above to restore the other gardens.

Above is the instructions for installing and playing Gardenscapes, we hope that after following this article, you can easily play this game on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Wish you all success!

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