What is Freeplay in Among Us?

Chế độ Freeplay trong Among Us

Among Us rules simple. There are friends, some people are on their backs, they lose friends. However, although the gameplay Among Us is easy to get used to, it is difficult to master. Many players have had to retry the missions and fail many times. To become a good impostor, you need to know how to use your unique ability to divide, conquer, wrongly direct and craft scripts of deception wisely. And if you want to be an astronaut to survive as long as possible in Among Us, need to quickly and effectively complete all assigned tasks, at the same time, predict the impostor’s next move.

Freeplay mode in Among Us

So, Among Us offers a practice mode – Freeplay for new players Learn gameplay before being thrown into the “swarm of wolves” in this skeptical survival game.

How to play Freeplay in Among Us

What is Freeplay in Among Us?

Among Us's free game mode

Freeplay is a single player mode in Among Us, taking players into a room full of astronauts – Crewmate controlled by AI. Here, players freely explore 3 maps with the same mission and the full capacity of an imposter – Imposter.

Freeplay is a great way to start playing Among Us for newbies to familiarize themselves with each task in the 3 maps in the game, avoiding the feeling of complacency to eventually become a bad fake when not knowing how to do. how to make the most of a character’s exclusive abilities – like jumping into Vent, Sabotage and of course killing people.

Freeplay in Among Us is also a place to practice missions for astronauts, help them speed up and complete them effectively – mainly improving their ability to survive in emergencies.

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Freeplay doesn’t work like a real match. The AI-controlled “camouflage guys” assist astronauts in standing still, not reporting bodies or participating in missions.

You can freely sabotage important missions like O2, Reactor and let the timer push “cooldown” back to 0 or kill all the soulless astronauts. Among Us’s Freeplay game will refresh everything without missing anything. What mechanism creates a continuous training session for you to hone your skills.

How to use Freeplay in Among Us

Enter the Freeplay mode

Freeplay mode in Among Us in the main interface

All you need to do is click on the button Freeplay, right under Online and you will be taken straight to a free play room with 6 AI bots.

Choose settings

Choose Among ss's Freeplay quest settings

In one of the three maps, you will see a laptop around the emergency meeting area. Here, you can choose the task to complete. This is a good way to practice according to the specific route and mission, helping to increase the success rate in a normal game Among Us.

(Optional) An imposter

Option to become an imposter in Among Us

For those who want to increase their astronaut skills, click the red file Be_Imposter.exe will switch you to the role of Imposter with full access to all abilities reserved only for impostors. Players can take advantage of this to get used to the connections to Vent on each map, practicing using the Sabotage button to sabotage and kill people.

The above is Meaning and how to play Among Us in Freeplay mode. Hope the article helps newcomers play Among Us easier.

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