Instructions on how to correct low-light photos in Photoshop

Taking photos in low-light conditions results in poor quality and can’t see objects clearly. With the following guide to editing low-light photos in Photoshop, the following will be a basic but useful “tip” for those who are working as post-editing editors.

Photoshop has many uses, one of which is that you can use Photoshop to correct low-light photos. There are many way Adjust low-light photos with Photoshop depending on your Photoshop “level”. And surely in the article below, will guide you through a simple way to increase the brightness of your photos, whether you are new to Photoshop CS6 or other versions.

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Correct low-light photos in Photoshop.

Instructions for correcting low-light photos in Photoshop

– To be able to correct low-light photos with Photoshop, we first need to have this software in the computer. Click here to proceed with the download Photoshop for computer.

>> See how install Photoshop here if you have never installed this software.

Assuming we have a dark image as below, now will apply how to adjust the low light image with Photoshop in this article to help the image look brighter.

Note: If you have photos in Raw format, it will be more helpful to correct low-light photos in Photoshop.

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Step 1: First duplicate that image layer, this is a habit that you should have before proceeding to do any tricks. To duplicate the layer press the key combination Ctrl + J.

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Step 2: The next step we just need to click Image > selection Adjustment > choose next Shadows/Highlights to adjust the brightness for dark areas.

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Step 3: Next step we can fine tune the part Shadow with value Amount to be 35%of course you can customize it to suit your photo.

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As a result, you will see the image is a bit brighter in the game, right, but the trick to correct low light photos with Photoshop does not stop here.

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Step 4: You can still make the image brighter by using Curvespress the key combination Ctrl + CODE and drag as shown, may not need to be too curved and this step you can completely customize to your liking.

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The result after fine-tuning you will be as shown below, the picture is much brighter, isn’t it. Sure, but it doesn’t stop here.

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Step 5: Next you go to the Image > selection Adjustments > selection Levels or use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + ERROR for quick access.

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Step 6: Here to adjust the brightness you select the part as shown below, drag it from right to left to adjust.

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The end result is much brighter than the original.

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Compare before and after correcting low-light photos with Photoshop, of course in the article we use low-quality photos in JPG format, so when editing low-light photos with Photoshop, the image will appear flat and lack details. details.

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If you use a Raw quality image, surely correcting the low light image with Photoshop will give much better results.

So we just finished a way to correct low-light photos in Photoshop, right? Depending on the color in the image as well as the format you use, the brightness increase for the image may change. Through the above article, you have learned many useful color correction tools.

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Underexposed photos can be fixed, so is there a way to sharpen the image with Photoshop? This is obviously not a simple trick, but if you want Sharpen images in Photoshop Just tell the administrators of, they will help you in the fastest time possible.
For novice editors, removing fonts with Photoshop is always the first exercise to be familiar with. Removing the font is sometimes easy but sometimes it is difficult because it depends on the nature of the image. Let’s see how remove fonts in Photoshop to see if can help you.

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