Learn the types of houses in the Empire (Part 1)

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Just as each type of army in the Empire has its own characteristics, so does each type of house in the Empire. So, you need to find out what function each type of house has? Need what conditions to build that house? When do we need to build that kind of house? Or what upgrades?

When you understand the characteristics of each type of house, you can apply it effectively to your gameplay, to avoid building the wrong house as well as upgrading effective new troops and people. So invite you to refer to the article below to better understand the types of houses in the game Empire:

1. House BA

BA is one of the two most used soldiers in the game AOE, this is where many units of soldiers are fighting, including:

  • Supply T: Includes all types of troops.
  • Bow R (Horse arrow): Assyrian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Hittite …
  • Bow A 1 shirt: Minoan, Egyptian, Phoenician …
  • Bow A 2 shirts: Minoan, Egyptian, Phonician, Shang …
  • Horse C (host): Assyrian, Hittite, Shang …
  • Elephant name: Phoenician, Cathaginian, Hittite …

Learn the types of houses in the Empire (Part 1)

Conditions for building BA houses:

  • 150 wood.
  • Had funeral BB.

When to build a house BA:

  • House BA was built from life 2.
  • The unit is Cung T.
  • Built as a conditional home to life 3.
  • Build more houses of BA, the more units will come out.

2. House of BG

The BG house is a fruit house, containing food. The BG house has an important role in asking farmers as well as in the Empire game.

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Conditions for building BG houses:

  • 120 wood (except Roman army has more than 118 wood).

When to build houses in BG:

  • House BG was built right after finding the fruit quarry in the first generation (Stone Age).
  • After coming to life 2, there was a BM market, and built a BF field.
  • During the game the BF house was built a lot for farmers to make a permanent and stable realization.

3. House of Doctor

Doctor’s house is not only a place to store wood, gold, stone and meat (deer, elephant, fish …) of farmers, but also a place to upgrade armor and tools for combat units.

Learn the types of houses in the Empire (Part 1)

Conditions for building BS:

  • 125 wood (except for the Roma troops need more than 112 wood).

When to build a house:

  • Doctor’s house was built right in life 1.
  • Built a lot in life 1, life 2, life 3 will be less built because in life 3 you can build more houses of BN.

As an upgrade place:

  • Armor lift: Including military units such as guillotine, bow R, camel …
  • Lifting work: Slash horse, R bow, camel …
  • Technologies for skewers, elephants.

4. BM House

BM market house is both a prerequisite for life and also helps to upgrade the indexes of military units and people. Without a BM house you will not be able to live 3.

Learn the types of houses in the Empire (Part 1)

Conditions for building BM houses:

When to build a house BM:

  • BM House was built at the age of 2.
  • Being home is the condition for life 3 and 4.
  • Help to transfer real to teammates.

Upgrades in BM market house:

Includes the following upgrades in order from left to right:

  • Wood cutting upgrade: Farmers cut down +1 or +2 timber, bow shoots +1 or +2 long-range units.
  • Rock digging upgrade: With a type of army with a god crane digging rocks faster, when you lift up all the peasants break the hut, break the castle faster, and kick the stone plus +2.
  • Gold mining upgrade: There is no tax loss when transferring gold to teammates and digging for gold faster.
  • Wheel upgrade: Farmers move 30% faster, have an R, slopes.
  • Increase real 75 when farming.

Learn the types of houses in the Empire (Part 1)

5. House of BC

The BC government house is one of the conditional houses to help build more BN main houses, and at the same time help you reach the 4th life (Iron Age).

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Conditions for building a BC house:

  • 200 wood.
  • Built houses BM, BA, BN.

When to build a BC house:

  • BC house was built at the age of 3.
  • Is a prerequisite house to build many main houses and come to life 4.
  • Upgrading units to support troops and people.

Upgrades in the BC house:

Includes the following upgrades in order from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Upgrading blood first.
  • Allied map upgrade: Helps see teammates’ houses.
  • Upgrading the speed of building farmers’ houses: Building houses 33% faster, building walls 30% faster.
  • Increase 1 population when giving birth to 2 soldiers in the BB.
  • + 25% speed for oblique slant (oblique slurry condition).
  • Upgraded shot blocking: Archery shoots long-range more accurately.
  • Fire Upgrades: Military units will shoot out fire.
  • Long-range upgrade for rock cranes, flat artillery.

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We will help you learn about the types of houses in AOE game in part 2. Please keep watching and always accompany us.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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