Instructions to download early game Legend of Runeterra

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The Legendary Game Runeterra was officially launched in Singapore and of course Vietnamese gamers who want to download the Legendary game Runeterra must fake IP. To experience Riot Games’ super tactical product soon, you will roam the phone to countries that allow downloading the game Legend Runeterra for iOS, and for Android devices we can install directly through the apk file. Below we will guide to download the game Legend Runeterra early.

Video instructions to install the game Legend Runeterra on Android

Instructions to download early game Legend of Runeterra on Android

Step 1:

On Android phones, visit the link:

At the main interface, press DownloadDownload in item Legendary Runeterra APK File.

Next will be the download window, when the button appears Open Instant download is complete.

Step 2:

Press the button Open To come to the application hosting the APK Legend Runeterra APK file downloaded, click on the file to begin the installation.

Step 3:

Runeterra Legendary game installation window appears, click Setting.

The game installation will take place within a few minutes, then there is a notification that Apps are installed, tap Open to start playing the game.

How to download the game Legend Runeterra early on iOS

Step 1:

Go to the App Store and select the profile icon (top right corner).

The Account window appears, select the account Apple ID account → Country / RegionSingapore.

Step 2:

At the window Country / Region You will have to enter information regarding the payment method.

  • Payment: None
  • Payment name: self-fill
  • Street: Write any address
  • Post code: 700000
  • Phone: Write any number

Then press Next to complete.

Step 3:

Re-open the App Store app store and search for “The Legend of Runeterra“Or visit the download link for the game:

After downloading the game Legend of Runeterra successfully, we will be importing the game with the account registered with Riot Games. The publisher does not allow gamers to use League of Legends game accounts to play Runeterra Legends.

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