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Skip Work game answers with many funny answers will make you feel less stressful after hours of hard work. If you are really bored of work or too stressed because of work, try to see if you can afford to escape from work in the puzzle game Skip Work or not.

Video game Skip Work answer

Answers Skip Work from question 1 to question 13

Answers Skip Work 1

Jump in the trash.

Answers Skip Work 2

Pick up the coin from the bottom of the vending tree, then buy newspaper and cover your face on the chair.

Answers Skip Work 3

Pour the box, find the newspaper with a picture of the revealing girl and throw it back to the goalkeeper and kick the ball to be thrown into the sky by everyone.

Answers Skip Work 4

Sneak into the fitting room on the left.

Answers Skip Work 5

Take the paint bucket, then pour it into the body and stand on the remaining stone platform pretending to be a stone man.

Answers Skip Work 6

Take bananas to the table of 2 people, each in turn will hurt your stomach and you get under the table to hide.

Answers Skip Work 7

Open the drawer on the left for uniforms and line up with the aunties.

Answers Skip Work 8

Pour out the box to find the tube on the head resembling the two men and sit and chat with them.

Answers Skip Work 9

Get all stacked tires and jump in hiding.

Answers Skip Work 10

Get the mascot suit and face to body for baby to take pictures with.

Answers Skip Work 11

Pour out the crate to find a pair of beaters, then sit in the band’s drumming position to get everyone’s attention to hide.

Answers Skip Work 12

Grab the fishing rod, fish the passerby’s wig, the dress and the two apples on top to dress as a woman.

Answers Skip Work 13

Take a fan, fan for the aunt who is lying and steal the wig, then remove the tie, stand up to the snail shell to pose.

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