How to speed up, dig gold, and chop wood fast in Warcraft 3 with Cheat Engine

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Using Cheat Engine to play Warcraft 3 can help us “cheat” some operations or modes in this strategy game. In addition, we can also use the code “cheat game Warcraft 3” to play on the computer. Specifically with this article, we can speed up the characters, while also using cheat codes in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos to give the advantage before the battle.

Download game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos for the computer

In terms of speed, Cheat Engine can make the movement speed of every character in the game greatly increased. Especially for farmers, not only dig gold, cut wood faster, but also the speed of building, generating troops and upgrading is much faster.

Use Cheat Engine to speed up the game Warcraft 3 offline

Step 1: First, you start the game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos on your computer and enter the game for a few seconds. How to install Warcraft III and play the game Warcraft 3 On the computer, in the previous articles mentioned, you can search and review to know how to do it.

Step 2: Launch the game support software Cheat Engine on your computer, then click on the computer icon (Select a process to open) from the main interface to search for the game.

The main interface of Cheat Engine

A window appears, you drag the scroll bar and look into game Warcraft 3 running, left click to select already Open.

Choose a game

Step 3: After selecting the game, the interface of Cheat Engine will change as below. To change the speed in the game, you tick the item Enable Speedhack, then adjust the speed in the bar Speed below Apply to perform.

Tick ​​tick


Speeding up the game with Cheat Engine will push the speed up very high including the player’s hover, so it’s best to just increase up to 3 times.

How to use cheat codes for gold coins in the game Warcraft 3

The cheat code is the type of code that directly changes the features, modes and specs of games, as does Warcraft III. Using cheat codes is more convenient than Cheat Engine, however, there are also disadvantages that each time using cheat will have to execute that cheat command once.

For example:

When you first enter the game, or during normal gameplay, you do not have enough money to buy soldiers, build houses ..

No money yet

Carry out the “cheating” gold as follows:

  • In the gaming interface, press the key Enter.
  • The chat box appears, enter the cheat command any on the chat frame already Enter again to enable the feature.

Enter the cheat code

  • Notification “Cheat Enabled“appears on the screen.
  • Still in the chat frame, enter the corresponding cheat command or command to be executed in that frame Enter again to perform. Specifically, the command to ask for gold in the game Warcraft 3 is “keysersoze X“, Inside “X“is the amount of money you want.

Successful cheat game

If we want to ask for more gold, we repeat and replace “X” with the new amount.

Use cheat codes to buy wood in the game Warcraft 3

With the code to ask for fast wood, you do the same thing when asking for gold, but the command will be “leafittome X“. In addition, we can execute many different cheat commands during game play.”

Clip instructions to speed up play Warcraft 3

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