Instructions for playing General Sigma in Overwatch

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Overwatch has released the latest champion, the mad scientist Sigma, surely many of you will be confused with this new pure tanker general. So Sigma in gameOverwatch, is it difficult to play? If you want to play, what conditions do you need to meet and how to use skills correctly. The following article will guide you to play General Sigma in Overwatch.

Sigma is a pure tanker champion similar to the previously released Reinhardt and Orisa. This is a valuable addition to Overwatch when this MOBA shooter is already lacking in pure resistance champions. To learn more about Sigma, please see Details of new champion Sigma in Overwatch here.

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Is Sigma difficult to play?

Overwatch uses the number of stars to evaluate the difficulty of each champion, whereby 1-star champions are the easiest to play, usually for beginners, 2-stars are champions with medium difficulty when playing. have certain experience and 3 stars is the highest difficulty, need to be seasoned, skill and reflexes at a good level.

The new champion Sigma has a 3-star rating, which means this is a difficult champion to play and needs to be a person who has spent several hundred hours to be able to grasp and play it proficiently. So if you’re new to Overwatch, put aside playing Sigma for a while and train with champions with easier levels first.

Instructions for playing General Sigma in Overwatch

1. Understand Sigma’s role in the team

To get started with playing any champion in MOBA games, any gamer needs to understand the hero’s role in the game and in the squad. For Sigma, this is a pure tanker general with poor mobility, even though he possesses a ranged weapon, he has a short attack range.

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Sigma is not suitable for roles such as solo ganking, tire hooking or fast-paced confrontations. This champion is effective when being near teammates, acting as a protective shield for teammates, controlling and controlling hot areas with a large number of people, these are also areas where Sigma’s skill set comes into play. maximum power.

2. When to use Sigma

When the team needs a strong enough tanker to storm the front lines, and at the same time is lacking a champion capable of controlling the area, Sigma is the right choice. If there are teammates playing Pharah, this duo will be a formidable combo on the battlefield. Sigma’s weapon – Hyperspheres is extremely effective in tight corridors because of its ability to bounce continuously, but combat should also be limited in these areas.

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Sigma has a large body, so the hitbox of this character is also very wide, can shield a lot for teammates but at the same time is also a very easy target to receive many types of damage because of this champion’s slowness. So never let Sigma fall into a situation of being overwhelmed by the number of enemies, withdraw as soon as possible and wait for your teammates to support.

3. How to use skills correctly

– Skill 1: Sigma’s Experimental Barrier has an advantage over Reinhart’s or Orisa’s shields because it can be placed exactly where the player wants, Sigma can immediately shield important positions such as the side. flank, behind without having to go all the way to that position.

– Skill 2: Kinetic Grasp is very effective when surrounded by a large number of enemies, this is also a skill that helps Sigma control the area effectively by absorbing damage into armor for himself, forcing the enemy to lose their ability Ability to deal damage for a period of time creates a chance for allies.

Skill 3: Accretion is an effective damage and control skill that can even instantly eliminate an enemy by knocking him over the edge.

– Ultimate skill: Gravitic Flux with the ability to control a large area, disable and damage a large number of enemies in the area.

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4. Countering champions need attention

With the characteristic of being slow and always having to be close to his teammates, Roadhog with the Chain Hook skill can pull Sigma out of the squad and cause this champion to be beaten up while he can’t react. It is worth noting that the generals have the ability to control that makes Sigma unable to cast skills or quickly remove Sigma from the safe area, losing the effectiveness of this champion in combat.

Above is a guide to playing General Sigma in Overwatch, taimienphi wishes you to be able to master this champion quickly and become the MVP of every battle. In addition, please refer to it often how to play Overwatch or other from gamers around the world.
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