Build the perfect superhero team in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

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To build the perfect squad in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you need to choose the generals with the most perfect and comprehensive fighting ability.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is the 3rd part of the series about the Marvel superhero universe. This third part continues to own a massive superhero lineup, besides the superheroes that we already know on the screen, there are many other superheroes who have only appeared in comic books.

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Build the perfect squad in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

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So how to build the perfect squad in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? You need to choose the generals with the most comprehensive skill set and combat ability to combine into a perfect general formation. Taimienphi would like to recommend some of the best generals to build the perfect squad in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 right below.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is a young student with a normal school life, whose life is completely changed when he is bitten by a mutant spider, giving Miles the strength and skills of arachnids. . He has become the next generation Spider-Man with more special abilities than his predecessor Peter Parker.

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In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Miles Morales possesses a fairly comprehensive set of skills that greatly affect the victory or defeat of the battle. With the ability to control and deal extremely annoying wide-area damage, Miles is also like a silent assassin with stealth skills that close to the opponent, dealing great damage and slightly stunning the opponent.

Miles is a trump card champion and a champion you need to own in the early stages of the game thanks to its comprehensive ability.


Dr. Bruce Banner in an experiment on Gamma rays accidentally received too much energy of this ray, causing every cell in his body to change completely. Whenever angry, Banner will transform into a green giant and smash everything. People call this guy The Hulk.

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The Hulk has always been the top choice of players since the previous Marvel Ultimate installments and this 3rd part is no exception. With the powerful Healing Factor, The Hulk becomes a protective steel shield for his teammates against all types of damage, not to mention the more damage he takes, the more angry Hulk will be and his strength will increase. So in addition to the superior tanker ability, Hulk is a great choice when you want to destroy the enemy squad with continuous stun AoE skills.

The Hulk is the perfect pick in almost any match, so put all the Hulk upgrades on defense to help your squad live longer.


Janet van Dyne decided to become The Wasp when her father, scientist Vernon van Dyne was killed by alien beings. She and Ant-Man Hank Pym researched Pym particles that help change body size and undergo a biochemical process to be able to grow Bee wings when shrinking to less than 1.2 meters. Relying on the ability to change size and the power of biochemical processes, Janet was able to avenge her father and fell in love with Hank Pym.

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This is one of the superheroes that is mistakenly underestimated by many gamers. Wasp is an extremely important general in the squad with the ability to support very well for Tanker generals and main damage generals. The skill set also causes a lot of stun effects, poke the enemy’s blood.

The presence of Wasp in the squad will give a great advantage to the player in the mid-game when the enemy appears extremely crowded, causing your squad to be scattered a lot.


Once a talented mercenary until he discovered he had cancer, Wade Wilson accepted to participate in an experiment in which he was promised a complete cure for his cancer. And then in the end he not only cured the cancer but also became an immortal. He became Deadpool and went to find the people who turned him into a zombie.

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Originally a mercenary with assassination missions, Deadpool is in fact a skilled assassin. Deadpool has the advantage of being able to both range and melee, and possesses useful assassination skills that often cause great damage to the opponent’s back row. And yet, Deadpool also plays a very good support role when possessing skills to increase attack speed and damage to teammates.

With the mobility in combat, Pool is a good choice at many times of the game as well as suitable for many different superhero squads.

Elsa Bloodstone

The toughest, the most dangerous, the daughter of legendary monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Elsa is not a friendly superhero and an egotist. But this female superhero will be the best fighter that anyone wants her to be an ally.

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This may be an unknown superhero to many people, but at least in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Elsa Bloodstone is an indispensable choice in the squad with extremely strong damage thanks to the superior shooting ability. This superhero can both deal fatal single-shot damage, and can also rain a large area bomb on the head of the enemy with the ability to deal unlimited damage.

Elsa plays the main damage role in the squad and needs a lot of teammates around to help her survive on the battlefield.


Spider-Man Peter Parker is a name that is no longer strange to us. Unlike Miles Morales who was young and inexperienced, Peter Parker after many losses is now a calmer and smarter fighter.

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For that reason, Peter Parker’s skill set in the game focuses mainly on controlling opponents as well as creating solid defenses to protect teammates and themselves. With the common characteristics of spider superheroes such as fast attack speed and high mobility, Spider-Man is an extremely useful general in most combat situations.

You can use Spider-Man as a secondary tanker with Hulk or as the main Tanker for the damage squad, which is not a bad choice.

Black Panther

The king of the richest and most mysterious country in the world, Wakanda, possesses abundant Vibranium resources nowhere else. Black Panther is no longer merely a king of a country but also an indispensable ally to protect the earth.

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Like Elsa Bloodstone, Black Panther is a major damage dealer, but different in that, this is a melee specialist with armor-piercing skills that deal a lot of critical damage to enemies. In addition, because it is a melee general, Black Panther possesses a large amount of blood suitable for the role of a secondary tanker.

With both good resistance and ability to face-to-face and sweep the enemy, Black Panther is a perfect choice for the front line.


Elizabeth Braddock was born and raised a completely normal British citizen. She was once captured by Red Skull’s spy for experiments and was rescued by Captain America and Captain Britian, only to discover that her brother was the mastermind behind her kidnapping, she burst into power. like so many other mutants. Psylocke is a latent mutant with the ability to create energy pulses around the body.

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Although Psylocke is a melee champion, her power comes from energy pulses so she can still keep a safe distance to fight enemies. Psylocke’s skills give this superhero the ability to control and deal great damage to a large number of enemies.

Psylocke’s weakness is that her health is a bit papery so she will need a tanker to protect, Hulk is a great choice because he can absorb enemy damage from Psylocke


Magneto is a mutant that is loved by many people, sometimes a superhero, sometimes a villain. This is a character that possesses a lot of hegemony powers from controlling electricity, manipulating energy and a superhuman mind comparable to Professor X.

Use Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 10

This is an extremely difficult character to unlock to own, but once you have it, you never want to leave Magneto out of the squad. According to the assessment, this is a pretty Over Power champion with the ability to control and deal comprehensive damage in all aspects.

Magneto is definitely an essential champion for every team at every stage with his overwhelming ability.

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