How to find a village in Minecraft

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Minecraft is an open world game that owns a lot of interesting things for players to build and explore on their own, in Minecraft, a village is a unique building built to house people. village, here’s how you can find Minecraft natives.

The village is an extremely unique work of Minecraft as a villager’s residence with a lot of activities like real villages. There are large farms here where MineCraft players can get food as well as many chests. You can also see many unique houses as well as trade items with the villagers.

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How to find a village in Minecraft

Currently Minecraft has a version to use on APK, Premium version and Skin, you can download the appropriate version below:

– Download Minecraft Launcher APK
– Download Minecraft Launcher Premium
– Download Minecraft Launcher Skin

How to find a village in Minecraft.

Step 1: Sign in to Minecraft.

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Step 2: Select Singleplayer mode.

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Step 3: Select and adjust the operations as shown in the picture, pay attention to the Bonus Chest: On mode to be able to enter the code in Minecraft.

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Step 4: Open the Console, press / to execute and the Console text box will be opened at the bottom of the window.

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Step 5: Type the command “locate Village” and then press enter. Note that V in Village is very important because if you write v lowercase, the command will fail.

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Step 6: Check the results, you will see white text that says “Located Village at [tọa độ x] (y?) [tọa độ Z]” located near the bottom of the Minecraft window.

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Step 7: Type the command “teleport”. Open Console and type teleport [người chơi] [tọa độ x] [tọa độ y] [tọa độ z], enter the player name and the village coordinates, where you will have to guess the y coordinate of the village in order to find the exact location of the village.
Above is a guide to finding a village in Minecraft, you can see more codes Minecraft command to be able to play the game more fun.

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