Instructions for editing videos on Youtube

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Youtube is one of the popular entertainment video sites worldwide. Sometimes, you can also earn extra income through the videos you post. However, not everyone knows this way of making money even though it is very simple. Here, we will introduce you how to edit videos on Youtube.

Through the experience and knowledge gained, we will summarize the steps below so that you can work in the most convenient and effective way to help you become a person. Youtube channel manager more professional

Instructions for editing videos on Youtube

Step 1: Upload video

First, you need to log in to your account. Then you access the Youtube Video Editor tool under the following link.

The next step is to select and upload the video to Youtube. To download, select a video from your computer and select Upload. Wait a while for the video to be uploaded.

edit videos on youtube

Step 2: Browse videos

After the video is successfully uploaded, go back to the Video Editor tab, press F5 to refresh the page and you will see the newly added video. At this point, click on the uploaded video, a small image will appear as shown in the picture, press Play to check the quality.

  guide to edit videos on youtube

Step 3: Select video to edit

Drag and drop the videos that need to be changed into the edit section at the bottom of the page (as shown below). If you want to rearrange the order of videos, you just need to click on that video, hold it and move the mouse to the position you want, so the order of the videos will be in the right position you want.

edit youtube videos

Step 4: Edit video

Looking at the thumbmail section, you will see a picture of scissors. To trim a video, just click on the limit bar on the left or right side, then hold down the mouse button, drag the bar to the desired position on the timeline, and then press Cut.

edit youtube videos, edit youtube videos, edit youtube videos

Or to join videos together, you drag and drop the videos you want to join into the editing section, then merge them together. However, the videos used to join, the maximum length is only 10 minutes.

While editing the video, there will be a preview for you to check the video again. You click to test run, when you feel inspired, you choose Save to save.

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Step 5: Completing the video

And the last step, please click Publish to start uploading. Next, you will see a table to edit the title for the video if you want. Then click Save to complete.

huong dan chinh sua video tren youtube 6 - Emergenceingame
So has just taught you how to edit videos on Youtube. If you are more professional, you can use video editors such as Sony Las Vegas, Apple Final Cut Pro, etc.. However, with normal operations, you can use Youtube to edit it. Also please refer to Cut youtube videos to remove redundant videos

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