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Use Opera browser to surf the web and you don’t want the browser to save personal information such as: Browsing history (website address), access time, accounts, passwords, … good way especially using incognito mode on Opera. So how to set incognito mode on the browser?

If the user uses Web browser Firefox or CocCoc, then setting up Surf anonymously on CocCoc or on Firefox is easy. Each web browser has its own user-specific settings.

maintain an anonymous website on opera

Set mode Incognito browsing on Firefox and Google Chrome is no longer a problem for you. By default, Opera browser does not enable incognito mode. The following article of will guide you how to surf the web incognito on Opera.

Set up anonymous Web surfing on Opera

Download and install the latest version of Opera for Windows, download Opera

If you use another operating system, you can download Opera

* For Android users: Opera for Android
* For WinPhone users: Opera for Windows Phone
* For Mac users: Opera for Mac

Step 1: You right-click on the shortcut of the Opera browser (this shortcut is on the desktop or in the Start bar) and then select Properties.

maintain a web site on opera

Step 2: At section Target you add the words “-newprivatetab” at the end of the line as shown, then press OK.

Duyet new website on opera website

The hidden browsing mode on Opera only works for individual tabs, so if you want to open multiple tabs in incognito mode, you must open in “incognito” mode instead of the usual way. You do the following: Right-click on the Opera icon and select “New private windows“.

Go to the opera state

When surfing the web on Opera in incognito mode, the interface will look like this (you will see a glass image).

luot web an danh tren opera 4 - Emergenceingame

When you want to turn off the incognito feature, go to Target reset as original.
The above article will show you how to browse the web anonymously and effectively on Opera. In addition, you can install to browse the web in incognito mode on CocCoc and Firefox browsers as introduced at the beginning of the article.

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