Instructions for creating games with Roblox Studio for beginners

What is Roblox Studio? How to make games on Roblox Studio? Let’s find out with!

How to create a Roblox game

What is Roblox Studio?

Roblox Studio is Roblox’s game development and programming tool. It helps you create your favorite places and games. Roblox Studio offers programming enthusiasts a more comprehensive and in-depth toolkit, allowing them the freedom to create and gain more control over the content.

Roblox Studio offers a wide range of useful features that beginners to experienced programmers can use. Tools range from simple object or terrain manipulation to importing complex scripts and game functions. The studio also allows you to test games in a separate environment before posting them to the Roblox web.

How to create a game on Roblox

Before you start creating Roblox masterpieces, you need to download and install Roblox to open Roblox Studio.


You should learn how to use the Roblox platform before starting your first project (Roblox Wiki is a great resource). Then begin to unleash imagination and creativity through Roblox Studio. At first glance, Roblox Studio looks complicated, but once you get used to it, you’ll love it.

Choose File> New To create the game, you will see a window like this:

Instructions to create games using Roblox Studio

Pay attention to the dashboard Explore and Properties located on the right. They are very useful, so it’s a good idea to pin them to the main active interface. The Properties tab allows you to edit all the properties for each block and model.

Next, you can focus on exploring around the interface, reading the manual information available on the Roblox Wiki that captures how Roblox Studio works.

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Construction of structures

Building is the most important part of creating and launching your own game. If you’ve ever played Minecraft, it’s easier for you to learn how to build on Roblox than others.

Roblox Studio allows you to build everything: houses, trees, cars … The possibilities for creativity are almost endless. It’s all limited only by your imagination. Let’s start by simply building a tree. This example will demonstrate how easy it is to turn simple blocks into vivid objects.

Step 1: Select the block as the trunk by clicking Part> Block. A rectangular brick will appear.

Select Part to start designing the game on Roblox Studio

Step 2: Click on that block, then press Scale to resize the brick into a square. Click on the red balls and drag them outwards to increase length.

Resize model on Roblox Studio

Step 3: Make the block height by clicking on the green ball and dragging it upwards.

Adjust block height in Roblox Studio

Step 4: Now use the tool Part to create a sphere, Scale to increase its size in the same way as the trunk.

Sphere on Roblox Studio

Step 5: Use Move to move the ball to the top of the tree.

Complete the creation tree using Roblox Studio

Looks a bit monotonous, right? Don’t worry about it Roblox StudioYou can change the texture and color of the object as you like through the toolkit Color and Materials.

Roblox Studio Toolbar

To change the stem color, click Part> Color. To change the pattern, click Material> Wood. Repeat this process with the sphere but choose a Grass material instead.

While playing the game, you will notice that the ball above the tree can be knocked off by other players. To avoid that, select the orb, then click the button Anchor to lock it. You can do the same with the trunk if you want to make sure the tree doesn’t fall.

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Script writing and programming

You have worked hard, designed a beautiful game map for publication. It looks great but can’t do anything because you don’t have the platform to activate it. With Roblox, Scripts will make them work. It can make things move, control the game, and make great things happen.

Roblox Studio has plenty of resources available to help with scripting. First, read the Roblox Wiki tutorial for a while as it is an official source of information created and edited by the developer. You will find here a series of easy-to-understand tutorials on how to work with Roblox’s Lua.

Don’t worry if you find them complicated at first because Roblux Lua has been proven to be a lightweight, easy-to-learn scripting language created by thousands of Roblox products that users around the world create. With a little bit of research, you’ll find everything really simple.

Suggest some useful tools when creating Roblox games

  • Duplicate: Allows the designer to duplicate the object that you want to use over and over again. It is extremely useful at levels containing many different models.
  • SpawnLocation: This is the position where a player appears when he first enters the world or dies in the game. Here, you can also design the main content, add color and create more attractive visuals for the game.
  • Checkpoint: These can be regeneration points or milestones in each level.

If you are just a rookie game designer then Roblox Studio Is a great passionate start because it has a relatively easy-to-understand scripting language, professional editor and a large Roblox community ready to help you when needed. Isn’t that great? Let’s download Roblox to design your favorite game by yourself right away.

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Download Roblox Download Roblox for Android Download Roblox for iOS

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