TOP best game of all time

Game lovers will definitely not be able to ignore this article, because here is the list of top of the best games of all time has been compiled from many reliable sources. Try to see how many of these games you have played through!

This is a collection of the best games, not reviews, so the order of the games does not tell their value and position. Because people who love different game genres will have different comments and reviews.

The best games of all time

1. AoE (Empire)

Game Empire

Appeared for a long time and is one of the first games available in Vietnam, AOE (Age of Empires) game, also known as Empire game, is really a game worthy of classics. With more than 20 million copies sold worldwide, it can be said that this is the most successful strategy game of all time.

Not only in the world, but even in Vietnam, Empire enthusiasts also formed a community to share and exchange experiences with this gaming knowledge. Until now, such communities still exist and flourish quite strongly.

Download game Empire

2. Call of Duty

Call of Duty

If there’s anything to say about Call of Duty then maybe we’ll look at a bit of the stats to see more clearly:

  • This game has attracted 100 million gamers.
  • Number of hours playing reached 25 billion.
  • 32.3 trillion is the number of bullets used during that time.
  • Most impressive is the number of hours played Call of Duty is equivalent to 2.85 million years (more than in human existence).

Download Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

3. DotA 2

Game DOTA2

DotA – Defense of the Ancients is a strategy game, simulating real-time battles, and very teamwork. Because it can be played online, this game can be played anywhere, with anyone, as long as you have a computer connected to the Internet.

According to studies given, enthusiasts for this game can easily spend about 8 hours (or more) a day just playing games. From there, it can be seen how large of “addictive” DotA caused.

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Download DotA 2

4. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Colorful candy game eye-catching but not “easy to eat” at all. With each level being a different challenge, from easy to difficult, many players have said that Candy Crush Saga is designed so that players can never “clear”. Seems quite feminine, but requires calculation and accuracy in each move to be able to pass.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5

grand theft auto

There are people who are angry when they are angry will go drink, fight, fight, others will scream and break things, and some choose to play the game Grand Theft Auto V. This is a quite special game, because 2 thing:

  • It has no limitations like other games both in terms of gameplay and World in the game.
  • Simulated like real life, no superheroes, no skills or mounts …

This is where players are vented, smashed and freely turned into bad people. With quite good graphics, plus details like an American action movie “gangster”, Grand Theft Auto has achieved great success when launching up to 5 versions.

Download Grand Theft Auto V free

6. League of Legends

league of legends

League of Legends or LOL is also known in Vietnam as “League of Legends”. After its first launch in 2009, this game quickly caused a fever in the Vietnamese gaming village. Only a short time in appearance, LOL quickly became the HOT name and was received positively.

According to a 2012 study by The Forbes, League of Legends is the computer game with the highest number of hours played in the world (North America and Europe alone).

Download League of Legends

7. Minecraft


Speaking of Minecraft, no one will be strangers. With the graphics background is nothing beautiful, if not quite ugly and crude, however, the attraction of Minecraft can be said to be extremely large, the number of game downloads seems to increase every day, immediately. Even in Vietnam, Mine also has an extremely large community.

The main reason these “magic squares” are so addictive is the gameplay and the World in Minecraft. When participating in the game, players have a ton of things to do and have to do. From building shelter, finding food, to making sure the character doesn’t get “hungry” – a feature not found in any game. Mine’s charisma and popularity is being used in many places in a number of children’s educational projects.

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8. The Sims

The sims

In this list, The Sims is probably the most unusual game style, completely different from the rest of the game. Not a strategy game, not an intellectual game, even at first, people didn’t even know what category to put The Sims into? The game content is mainly about family life, players will have a second life in the game and they have to try to take care and earn money to take care of this family.

If anyone is skeptical about the attractiveness of The Sims, you should know that this game has released up to 4 versions.

9. Tetris


This is probably the “oldest” game on this list, first appearing in 1984 on a handheld electronic device, Tetris has quickly become a means of comparison for those who love electric games. death at that time. Not only is it simple to arrange blocks of different shapes in a closed row, this is also an intellectual game and requires the agility and precision of the hands.

Tetris’s charm has never been lost, as evidenced by the fact that until now, there have been many different versions, different gameplay based on the original version more than 30 years ago.

10. World of Warcraft


If you love games that have the look of incredible characters, with shapes and abilities only found in movies, then World of Warcraft is indispensable on your computer. Since launching the game market, Warcraft has caused millions of people to lose sleep and sleep to “plow”.

In 2014, World of Warcraft was the most played game, its followers are also present around the world, including Vietnam.

Download World of Warcraft

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11. Super Mario 64

Game or world Super Mario 64

Mario’s brick-and-mortar gameplay of Goomba has been enough to fascinate the world gamers in Nintendo‘s iconic Super Mario Bros series scrolling the horizontal screen. However, 1996 Super Mario 64 was the game that brought Nintendo fans into the Mario universe that no other game in the series could yet, and at the same time, provided an impressive 3D world interactive structure. With over 11 million copies sold, Super Mario is one good games Best and best selling on the Nintendo 64, yet its real influence goes far beyond the platform. It changed the design requirements of the entire gaming industry. According to Rockstar co-founder and content editor Grand Theft Auto V Dan Houser said: “Anyone who makes a 3-D game saying they didn’t borrow an idea from Mario or Zelda (on Nintendo 64) is lying.“.

12. King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human

The best game in the world King Quest 3

In the 1980s – a period when Nintendo was dominated by PC games and there was no more prominent name than Sierra’s. In praise of their adventure franchise, critics often refer to the original King’s Quest version. But the third version, released in 1986, deserves the most recognition because it is twice as large as the first version and as compelling as any other game in the series. Following the adventures of 17-year-old Prince Alexander of Daventry, the game gets closer to potential players. Even though the graphics are out of date, the keyboard control adventure is still a lot of fun. From gathering resources to making potions to avoiding witch’s evil black cats or stealing pirate treasures… many interesting surprises await you at King’s Quest III: To Heir. That also makes King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human one of the best games in the world

Above is synthesis good gamesThe most addictive, most addictive of all time, have you ever played it? Will you try the experience?

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