Dasha vs K – Who is stronger in Free Fire?

Free Fire just added two new characters Dasha and K. Both have their own special powers but who has stronger skills in Free Fire?

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The character’s system Free Fire is one of the most loved parts by the developer who actively launches new characters regularly with increasingly powerful abilities. In this article, let us compare the two latest characters in Free Fire, K and Dasha to see who is stronger Please!

Dasha from Free Fire

Dasha from Free Fire

Dasha is the newest character in Free Fire, possessing a quite unique Partying On ability. It offers some of the rarest buffs in Free Fire: Fall Damage Reduction – Damage Reduction & Fall Recovery – Increases recovery along with Weapon Recoil Reduction and Recoil Buildup – Reduces weapon recoil. These add-ons can easily be divided into 2 skills, but Garena doesn’t seem to want that.

With this ability, Dasha can jump down from any height without fear of death. In fact, unless you try to get to high places to dance, Dasha won’t lose much blood compared to other regular dance positions. There are many areas to apply this skill – you can jump down from the top of a refinery in Kalahari, for example.

Reduced recoil is Dasha’s best attack plugin in Free Fire. Equip Dasha with a powerful recoil weapon like AK for her, you will know how great her skills are.

K in Free Fire

K in Free Fire

As the name suggests, K’s “Master of All” in Free Fire is the only passive ability that can be switched between its two special modes:

  • Jiujitsu mode: All allies (including K) within a 6 meter radius gain 500% EP conversion rate (they won’t get any EP – the ability to increase EP is converted to HP by five) . K will also receive +50 maximum EP limit from this part of the skill.
  • Psychological Mode: Restores 2 EPs every 3 seconds – up to 100 EP per game. Only this part of the skill can be leveled up – at its maximum it will heal 2 EP every 2 seconds up to a maximum of 150.
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Overall, K is a pretty good support character, with the ability to heal both himself and his teammates quickly with EP.

DJ K from Free Fire

Who is more powerful in Free Fire?

Visibly, Dasha and K are both strong in their own right – one character focuses more on healing while the other focuses more on mobility and fighting.

  • K’s Master of All is definitely easier to use, allowing you to recover EP and HP as fast as Alok’s heal … It also combines the skills of A124, Miguel and Kapella to help you recharge more health. .
  • Meanwhile, Dasha’s skills provide the ability to move without being constrained by the terrain.

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