Instructions for building the Gunners squad – VC version 10.13

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Hello chess players of the game The Arena of Truth, if you comment that the most powerful Race / System of the second half of the season after the current Arena of Truth game, many people will judge that it is Battle Machine formation. Here are the updates and instructions on building the squad gunner – combat machine of the CCP version 10.13.

The CCP fighting machine version 10.13

Combat Machine Style Squad

Owned comprehensive craft, just able bloodsucking back to just have damage. In this version, there are additional buffs, namely:

CMCd - Emergenceingame

So when getting enough “10 stacks” cumulative, the Battle Machine card will be extremely strong with both the resistance and the pretty good damage agent.

There are many variations on the CMCĐ roster Astronaut, CMC (fighting machine) clamp Secret, CMC clamp Super technology But in this article EmergenceInGame will refer to the CMC roster combined with Gunners.

1. Build the squad around Kog’Maw:

As mentioned above, this will be a formation that revolves around the gunner as the main source of damage. That’s why the lineup will revolve around Kog’Maw and another gunner statue as the mainstay.


In this 10.13 version, the general Kog’Maw there was a slight increase in strength that was augmented 50 base health and 2 other buffs:

Kogmaw update - Emergenceingame

For other positions we will choose cards that will withstand and defend well for the formation. All right, let’s start by looking at which lineup.

2. Kog’Maw and friends

2 that gunner position is Kog’Maw and Jinx or 1 other gunner general:

KogMaw and Jinx couple
KogMaw and Jinx couple

2 mysterious locations:

The Cassiopeia Mystery
The Cassiopeia Mystery

Plus one of the following mysterious generals is Karma , Soraka or Lulu:




2 gladiator positions:

Astro card

And 1 of such gladiator cards Blitzcrank, Malphite, Because or Gnar:




2 guard positions:


And Rakan:


At the last matching level when reaching level 9, selection should be prioritized Janna to get more buffs Holy mom with a wide control effect.


The formation is in place, let’s head to the board’s equipment!

2. Equipment

The damage equipment we should have for a 4-gold card is Jinx But if you wait until there is Jinx then we won’t have enough health left due to lack of damage. So we will match the dame Kog’maw from the beginning of the match and if there is damage left, match it Jinx when appearing.

The equipment is suitable for Kog’maw is Rageblade, Red Amulet, Infinity Sword, Giant Killing, Sword Break, Blue Bow, Interface and Lunar Bow. There should be 1 resisting item Kog’maw that is Angel Armor or Mercury Cloak or Trap Claw.


Set of reference equipment for the card – Kog’maw

The rest of the tank we just install for the Gladiators still have mana for them Mystery or Guardian. Priority mounted Angel Armor for Urgot.

The butcher Urgot
The butcher Urgot

3. Arrangement of formation:

About the formation of the squad, we just follow the textbook only. Resist team on, gunner is below the middle of the ring and the other cards are on the outside 2 Gunners to support the pull of Blitzcrack from other lineups.

Arranging the formation around Kog'Maw

Let’s go to the match!

4. Start the match:

At the beginning of the match, the preferred champions chosen will be Illaoi, Malphite, Kog’maw and Noctune.

If you do not have these cards, do not worry yet, choose for yourself other cards with good health such as Poppy, Caitlyn, TwisedFate or Ziggs.


Noctune – Illaoi – Noctune

And the first round of shopping the necessary equipment is Wooden bow to match Kog’maw.

Item2 - Emergenceingame

5. Mid match:

Now we need 3-money and 4-money champions Cassiopeia, Soraka, Karma and Jinx to activate the system / tribe Mystery and Gunners.

Chess 3 or 4 gold

Cassopeia – Soraka – Karma – Jinx

If not Jinx soon you should choose Ezreal for a temporary replacement Jinx and Bard temporarily assume the position for Lulu to hack levels.


Ezreal – Bard

Also drop option Xinzhao Enter the squad to click the universe / tribe and Guardian is quite reasonable. We can match it up Xinzhao wait until Urgot appear.


XinZhao – Urgot

6. End of the match:

And at the end of the game we are going to sell out any extra, unnecessary cards to replace the key 5 gold cards that are Urgot, Lulu and Janna. To optimize, you should prioritize fitting for Urgot or Janna because these are two very strong late game cards from skill One hit One kill of the Urgot and activate the buff Holy mom converts the base attack damage from the formation’s basic attack to residential magic damage Janna.

7. Lineup evaluation:


Comprehensive craft, easy to play easy to combine. Quite strong to climb the rank, the peak strength in late game should be the top choice team to take the top.


If the gunner does not have a nice item, there will be a hole in the lineup that is lack of damage.


Priority should be given to leveling up and keeping the health of this lineup.


This is the lineup that is chosen quite a lot to climb the rank of servers in Vietnam and abroad because of the easy-to-play advantage of this lineup.

Above is the guide to building a squad of Combat Machine combined with Gunners version 10.13 of Truth Arena season 3 – Infinite Thien Ha.

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