Instructions for building a squad of Shadow Swordsmen Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 2

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The Teamfight Tactics season 2 is being tested and appreciated by many players with the variety of their gameplay, in the Teamfight Tactics season 2, the Dark is the most appreciated system when possible. Increases his damage to extremely high. Here is a guide to building a squad of Shadow Swordsmen Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 2

Truth Arena season 2 It’s been a while since the official inter-version update, and there have been countless players constantly experimenting with different lineups. Season 2 of the Teamfight Tactics is being evaluated extremely balanced by races and systems and no system is too dominant. In Teamfight Tactics season 2, in terms of damage ability, the Shadow squad is being extremely appreciated and is likely to be one of the strongest Clans towards the end of the game.

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Guide to building Teamfight Tactics Season 2.

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Shadow Squad Swordsman

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Formation The Dark Swordsman, with the main damage coming from Master Yi, the strongest 5 money at the moment. The ability to deal damage of this squad is extremely impressive when it can wipe out the enemy squad in a very short amount of time. Besides Master Yi, Sivir is also a unit with an extremely impressive amount of damage with his Bounce skill.

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You can supplement your Shadow Swordsman lineup with a military element Sand to get the ability to reduce the opponent’s armor, or get Janna to activate the effect simultaneously Secret and Wind to increase the resistance of the entire squad.

With the Shadow Swordsman lineup, this is a squad towards the end of the game, so at the beginning of the game you should start with strong Tribes in the early game like Forest, Nature, Country,… After having a stable defensive formation, gradually switch to the Dark Swordsman formation in the mid-game.

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Defensive formations in the early and mid game.

Note when playing Shadow Swordsman squad

– Prioritize level 8 To increase the likelihood of Master Yi appearing, before owning Master Yi, build a full squad of 4 shadows, in addition to adding a new system. Sand to increase the damage of the entire squad.

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Sion is a very important piece because it is the only controlling piece in the Shadow Swordsman lineup, please prioritize the energy stuff or put Sion in the box Country if it’s the Element of the board.

Sivir very suitable for items that cause attack effects like Red Charm, Breaking Sword, Silent nice Crazy Bow, prioritize pairing these items for Sivir to ensure the damage of the squad in the mid-game.

– Master Yi has a very high base attack speed, combined with Swordsman so there is no need to leave too many attack speed items for Master Yi. Prioritize items that increase physical damage as well as resistance so that Yi can deal the most damage.
Above is a guide to building a Dark Swordsman squad, you can see more instructions on how to play Shadow Summoning Teamfight Tactics Season 2 here

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