Tips to play Call of Duty Mobile for newbies

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The following list of Taimienphi’s Call of Duty Mobile tips will give you some gameplay and tactics to help you win more when participating in the best real-time shooter on mobile.

For any strategy or role-playing game, it’s essential to learn some tutorials, tricks, or gameplay. They can help you easily get used to the mechanics and modes and gain an advantage over other players, and Call of Duty mobile game is no exception.

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Best tips to play COD Mobile

– Link to download Android version: Call of Duty Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Call of Duty Mobile for iPhone

Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks for newbies

1. System setting, suitable mode

The first thing in our Top tips for playing Call of Duty Mobile for newbies is about system settings, Setting settings have a great influence on your experience. Playing Call of Duty Mobile on high graphics is always the choice of many people, but that must see how your device configuration is, if the device is too low or unresponsive, it will cause problems. lag state, can’t play well.

Refer toCall of Duty Mobile image Click here to upgrade your device.

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How to install shooting mode, Call of Duty Mobile sensitivity mode is equally important. Call of Duty Mobile has 2 shooting modes simple and Advanced, for newbies Taimienphi recommends using a simple mode that automatically fires when the crosshair is placed on the opponent’s body.

– Way Call of Duty Mobile shooting mode setting as well as the sensitivity will give you the most accurate score.

2. Choose the right weapon

As with any FPS action game, choosing the right weapon in Call of Duty Mobile is also important. Users need to understand the effects, how each weapon works to have the most appropriate strategy or gameplay. Using weapons with strong firepower but not controlling recoil will make you instantly destroyed when meeting an opponent. Therefore, choose carefully before joining the fierce battlefield.

With Top 5 Call of Duty Mobile’s most powerful gun chosen by many people, you will find yourself the best gun

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3. How to approach the match
In battle, each area or terrain on the map has its own unique advantages, taking advantage of the terrain and silent observation is a reasonable way of fighting that is applied by many people, hiding in buildings. house or ambush in treacherous terrain, trap the enemy before learning to defeat you.

4. Continuous movement
Standing still means that the possibility of being detected or destroyed is very high, keep moving so that the enemy does not know where you are, avoiding snipers hiding and attacking the enemy. in an unexpected position.

Check out some tips win in Call Of Duty Mobile here.

5. Weapon Upgrades
One feature that makes Call of Duty Mobile different from other shooters is the ability to upgrade weapons, after each match the player will receive some experience cards. Using them you can upgrade weapons, make equipment more perfect, destroy opponents faster is what everyone thinks.

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Above are some tips and tricks to play Call of Duty Mobile for newbies that Taimienphi wants to share with you. Hope they will help you in the process of experiencing the same good shooting game as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite … and other FPS games.

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