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PUBG Lite vs PUBG Mobile what’s the difference? Let compare the differences between them. The article will look at many aspects of both games, including total size of PUBG Mobile & PUBG Mobile Lite, graphics, game modes, weapons and more.

PUBG Mobile, the game that is taking the throne on the charts globally and probably has a few newly discovered tribes participating in this fascinating battle for survival. Since version appeared PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsPUBG has steadily moved on to other platforms like Xbox and is still most popular on mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile currently has 4 different versions (International, Korea, China Timi and China Lightspeed) and recently Tencent has continued to release the 5th version of PUBG Mobile surprisingly: PUBG Mobile Lite is for all devices, including the Androids with extremely low sphere.

Windows PhonePUBG Mobile for PC
ApplePUBG Mobile for iOS
AndroidPUBG Mobile for Android

PUBG Mobile is a game that is considered quite heavy on the phone, this game is only for Smartphones with chips Snapdragon 600 or higher or similar can fight this game smoothly. So Tencent opened a support campaign for users only Snapdragon 400 and chip versions Mediatek Other, it is the PUBG Mobile Lite version. The game cannot be jerky, laggy, has the effect of bringing the smoothest feeling and the most satisfying experience for those who are passionate about this fascinating survival game.

Main features of PUBG Mobile LITE:

first. Game size

PUBG Mobile has a capacity of up to 1.6GB on Android and 2.2GB on iOS, a pretty large number for today’s mobile games. PUBG Mobile LITE is not that heavy, it only takes up about 30MB of space on your phone, an extremely unbelievable number.

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In addition, PUBG Mobile LITE works smoothly on devices with only 1GB of RAM, obviously PUBG Mobile LITE will help you solve some lag issues when playing games on today’s weakly configured machines.

PUBG Mobile

2. Smaller in-game map

When the game launches, the machine will have to Render a very large map if playing PUBG Mobile. In PUBG Mobile LITE, Tencent has reduced the size of the map, reducing the pressure on the chip on the machine, these two maps are based on the topography of Miramar and Erangel.

3. Game mode

Game mode in PUBG Mobile and PUBG Moible Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite has 2 game modes: Arcade and Classic. Classic mode has only one map available, which is Erangel. The player can also find the War mode in Arcade, but it can only be unlocked when the player reaches level 10.

PUBG Mobile’s game modes are more diverse, including: Classic, Arcade, Evoground and Arena. There are 4 maps available in Classic mode: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. The Erangel map in this game has a size of 8x km, while in PUBG Mobile Lite it is only 2x2km.

Arcade offers 3 fighting types: War, Quick Match, Sniper Training. You can only play EvoGround on one map – Payload 2.0. Players can choose one of 5 match types to participate in Arena modes: Training, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Domination and Assault.

4. Decrease the number of players

The mobile and PC versions can both hold up to 100 players at the same time, which is a bit too much for the LITE version, so when shrinking the size of the map, the number of players in PUBG Mobile LITE in each game is also. only 40 people left.

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PUBG Mobile

5. Graphics in the game

On the regular Mobile version, there will be a lot of different graphics options for you to install, from heavy to light like Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR and Ultra HD. The game will certainly be nicer and have more eye-catching effects, but will also be a lot heavier.

In the LITE version, you can only choose 2 graphics modes, Smooth and Balanced, to reduce the maximum graphic power, focus on many other functions that operate more efficiently.

6. Weapons

There will be no 3rd weapon slot like in PUBG Mobile for you to choose, but that is probably not too necessary when this weapon slot is only equipped with secondary weapons, in addition, the number of weapons is also. not more diverse than the original version due to not being fully updated.

In the future, it is hoped that the weapons and items will be updated to the most fully so that gamers can experience what is similar in the original PUBG Mobile version.

If your phone does not have enough configuration to play PUBG Mobile then try to download and install PUBG Mobile LITE to experience, as you have seen in the above article, these changes will bring a complete gaming experience. different from what you already know. Every smartphone can now fight PUBG Mobile.

However, the rhythm will be faster due to less players, the map is also narrowed. Currently, PUBG Mobile LITE version is only available in the Philippines and India, if you want to download and experience, you will probably have to wait a while.

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