Indicators related to kicking in FIFA Online 4

The football game FIFA Online 4 released by Garena is receiving great attention when Electronic Arts has officially stopped supporting FIFA Online 3. The success of FO3 for many years has helped FIFA have many expectations about FO4 game version. Currently, FIFA Online 4 has started organizing the first exchange events for the gaming community, surely there will be a lot of useful sharing to have more experience when playing. To build a good team, you have to carefully consider the stats of each player and then choose the player that suits your strategy. Here are 8 indicators related to kicking you need to be careful when playing FIFA Online 4.

Game FIFA Online 4

1. Finishing (finish)

The score of the finish plays a big role in the success rate of the game, the effectiveness in the penalty area – the higher the 16m50 area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach player determines the accuracy of the ball. The finishing index also helps the player to have more accurate tire shots (Q + D). With this striker model that is low, we should limit the use because no matter how good the ball technique, the result of the match will not be high, even causing a lot of regret after the game ends. However, whether the player has good finishing stats or not depends on the player’s control.


2. Long shot (long shot)

If the finishing index is highly effective in the penalty area, the long shot will determine a rate of putting the ball into the opponent’s goal. There are players who have great success as well as great success if they know how to take advantage of the balls, although not close to the goal, but have a favorable position, have a good perspective. Typical for the classic long shot is Quang Hai’s rainbow shot over both defenders and the opponent’s goalkeeper to go into the net. Players with high ranged scores must be extremely observant but may not be good team-mates. You use a player with a long shot of over 80, find good space and do a C + D shot of about 2 to 2.5 power plants, the goal ratio is very high.

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Long shot

3. Shoot power

The higher the Shoot Force Index, the more stretched the player’s shot will be, the ball flies quickly and if near the goal the goalkeeper will not be able to handle it if it is strong enough. Stretch kicks are usually sudden kicks that take place in the first few minutes when the player is still fit. However, if a player is able to balance the finishing index and the shot power, the chance of goal will be higher. Therefore, when choosing a player, you should first base on the strategy of the match and look for the right indicators for the position that you have predetermined.

Shoot power

4. Curve (swirl rock)

The players with this index are not much high, currently in the world this ability of Messi is still rarely surpassed. Especially when there is a swirling kick, it will easily make the opponent’s player lose his temper, leading to the referee’s card. This index is very good at crossing the wings and distracting the opponent’s focus, then swirling the ball to give his teammates a shot into the net. You use high Z + D then the pass will make a great ball.


5. Volley (volley)

The index of quick ball handling, also known as volley, is often used in fast football, passing as much as the legendary tiki taka dance of Spanish football. This kick we will not spend an extra beat, but handling the ball is always with the right football, passing the ball and handling the ball great. However, the high volley index does not greatly determine the success of the match because their finishing is often very bad with the last ball being put up in the sky.

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Volley (volley)

6. Free kick (free kick)

The free kick index will affect penalties – fixed ball situations. This high number will determine the success rate of the free kick, so the higher the number, the higher the successful free kick will be. Usually they are players with good visibility, good chemistry with a player who is asking for the ball moving in the restricted area or maybe a quick, neat and accurate shot.

Free kick

7. Penalty (penalty)

The penalty index will determine the penalty penalty. High penalty index you can rest assured to deliver a penalty to this player, the player who is kicked does not have to be a striker but can kick in an unexpected position. As Ramos is a defender but often takes over this job at Real or the Spanish national team, Bui Tien Dung midfielder or Van Thanh winger still does very well. Especially if you are interested in exceptional football, you must know that the player Riyad Mahrez is capable of scoring very well, but at the moment he is the fear of the managing team Man City with the success rate. 16m50 free kick is 3/8. Saying that enough to see that those who score as good as a winger or plug are not sure to have an effective free kick.

Penalty (penalty)

8. Heading

High head count usually comes to players with good shape, when their height is superior, they will take advantage of that strength to jump over many people to hit the pass or put the ball into the net. If Piue’s heads were always the fear of running up the attack in Barce’s corners, now due to the reduced stamina, the inaccurate headings are even dangerous. goal as central defender.

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The above are all the indicators that need to be grasped when using players in FIFA Online 4. Hope you will build a very good team through these stats.

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