Increase wifi signal, 9 ways to increase the best Wifi signal signal

Internet access will be interrupted if the Wifi signal is not good. That situation will be overcome by some ways to increase wifi signal, help the device broadcast Wifi better

To limit as well as overcome the situation of Wifi signal flickering. This article will show you 9 ways to increase the best Wifi signal. Helps you to improve as well as increase the signal of Wifi waves so that you are not interrupted when you are using the Internet for work as well as entertainment.

We will guide you through 9 ways to speed up your home’s wifi signal, but if you or your loved ones are Have an old modem that you don’t usecan refer to the article increase Wifi signal with old modem It will be very helpful to you

good news but wifi is clear

Method 1: Broadcast equipment must be properly set

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Wifi broadcasting devices such as Wireless Router, Access Point or ADSL Modem that support wireless network connection should be placed in the middle of the house. You should not place it in a corner of the house or close to a wall as the wave will partially propagate out, and the connection will weaken at the other end of the house.
The transmitter goes up on a high shelf when your transmitters are on the first floor and you use the laptop on the upper floor.

Method 2: Do not place broadcast devices on the floor

You should not place the transmitter on the floor or near the wall or near metal because that will reduce the wifi signal and make your connection speed much weaker.

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Method 3: Replace the antenna of the broadcast device

Usually on Wi-Fi transmitters, there is an antenna to spread the waves around. And they are designed to cover all directions. When you place this device close to the wall, part of the wave may be transmitted to the outside area. While other areas do not need antenna coverage, the signal is weak. To solve this, you can replace the manufacturer’s built-in antenna with another antenna that only covers a certain direction. With this antenna, you can adjust the broadcast direction according to the location of your computer to increase the network signal.

Method 4: Laptop is replaced with Wireless Adapter

Usually, laptops have a built-in Wireless Adapter to receive Wi-Fi signal from the transmitter. But at this time, the wave only receives passive waves, but cannot adjust the main receiving direction to the direction of signal emission. If you want a better Wi-Fi signal, you should replace the integrated Wireless Adapter with an external Wireless Adapter via the USB port for better signal.

Method 5: Use Wireless Repeater

This is a device that helps to transmit signal waves farther. If your home has a large space, you should use this device

You should put the Wireless Repeater in the middle of the way from the transmitter to the laptop location.

Method 6: Limit the use of other devices with the same Wi-Fi frequency

It can be said that the most popular Wi-Fi standard today is 802.11g, which is broadcast on the 2.4GHz frequency. But some devices are also usually broadcast by the 2.4GHz frequency. If devices are operating on the same frequency, it will interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Therefore, when buying equipment, you should also pay attention to their operating frequency. Or you can switch to a new broadcast device that supports the latest Wi-Fi standard today, 802.11n, because it broadcasts at both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies.

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Method 7: Update new drivers for broadcast devices

You should regularly go to the manufacturer’s homepage to update the latest diver versions, which is also a good way to increase wifi signal.

Method 8: Devices of one brand should be used in sync

The Linksys wifi booster can work quite well with D-Link’s Wireless Adapter, but you should still choose a device for syncing from one company. Some brands often have better performance when you use a combination of devices from that company. For example, Linksys has SpeedBooster technology with its wireless networking devices.

Method 9:Using 802.11n . standard broadcast equipment

With the current popular standard is 802.11g, but you should still upgrade your broadcast device to 802.11n to increase the speed and stability of your Wi-Fi connection. Because the 802.11n standard is still backward compatible with devices using the 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g standards. However, you should also upgrade the wireless network card in the machine to 802.11n for better speed.

If you have a Xiaomi Wifi extender in hand, please refer to the method install Xiaomi Wifi range extender Click here to see how to correctly set up and increase wifi signal for your modem.
Wifi 6 is the latest update, the wireless standard, which is faster than 802.11ac. Besides, wifi 6 provides good performance in congested areas, from households to stadiums.

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