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Facebook is now quite popular, but there are many people who abuse Facebook so much that you don’t have much time to sleep or do other things. To reduce this addiction, let’s see how to effectively detox from Facebook in our article right here

Turn off facebook and do other things, you will definitely have more time when not using facebook. As one of the social networks that attract users, especially the largest young people today, Facebook has made everyone feel excited when they can share and update all information. However, many people overdo it go to facebook Or people still say that if you are addicted to Facebook, your one-day time fund will not be much left. Let’s see how to quit Facebook addiction effectively below.

How to detox Facebook effectively

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Identify the right goal

Facebook helps you stay connected and share everything about your daily life with family and friends. If you are a manager or entrepreneur, you can use Facebook as a tool to effectively promote and bring your business’s name to users everywhere. Moreover, Facebook is also an entertainment tool. Making friends, playing games and using apps are the most common reasons for an Internet user create Facebook account for myself.

facebook adjustment

Ask yourself what you use Facebook for or what is the first reason that comes to mind that prompts you to sign up for a Facebook account. Will your use of Facebook later still stick to that original reason? The trouble starts when you start using Facebook to do all of the above (or more) instead of just choosing a certain purpose. Using Facebook like that will make your page a mess of information and worse, it will crush your meager 24-hour “time fund” every day.
Once you’ve properly defined your goal of using Facebook, focus on this goal. This will help you find Facebook more useful and not get too caught up in hours of “nothing” activities on the social network.

Share your goals with friends.

Make Facebook a useful tool for you, not a machine that destroys your time, health and money. Install a Facebook calendar app like 30 Boxes to intelligently organize and share your goals and events on “Phase”. 30Boxes acts as an online calendar to help you make a to-do list and receive messages and notifications from other social networks such as Twitter, MySpace, Blogger… especially through your smartphone.

Facebook user guide

Besides, don’t forget to ask your Facebook friends to be the motivating factors in your efforts to achieve your goals, and regularly remind you of milestones on your Facebook “detox” journey through the app. this use.

Limited time of use.

Once you’ve set a goal for yourself to use Facebook, be sure to determine the total amount of time each day you spend “online” on Facebook. Many useful tools like Stayfocusd can help you with this. This is an extension of Google Chrome that allows Internet users to limit their usage time each day on a specific website. Set this limit, and once you exceed that number, the extension will automatically block your access to the website until the 24-hour period of each day has passed.

how to fix facebook

This is a “slowly” weaning method. Gradually reducing the time limit mentioned above will help you move from heavy addiction, light addiction to gradually… quit Facebook altogether.

Use Facebook as a “reward” for a job well done

So besides, when you have determined that Facebook is a tool for your entertainment, consider this as a reward for yourself when you do a good job. You can refer to the quite popular Pomodoro learning method to do this. According to the website Pomodorotechnique.com, the “Pomodoro Method” is a method to help you do good at time management by dividing your time into valuable intervals to accomplish what we want to do and alternating between tasks. Working periods are short periods of rest. It’s basically a simple and effective way to help you manage your time while you’re trying to get something done.

Learn how to use facebook

Here’s what you need to do if you decide to give the Pomodoro method a try:
– Decide on what tasks you will have to perform.
– Set a timer (by watch, phone) within 25 minutes.
– Do serious work until the counter rings.
– Take a break – usually for 5 minutes. Use Facebook at this time.
– Repeat 3 times.
– After each of the above 4 “work-break” cycles, the break time will be longer.
– Repeat if necessary.
Marking the paper will help you keep track of your process. Keep in mind that the above break is still too short and gradually reduced to a minimum. Using this method, users will become more disciplined and strict with themselves when considering 5 short minutes to surf Facebook as a valuable “reward” for the results that they have worked hard to complete after. 25 minutes earlier.

Just turn off the computer

There is a bigger world, more wonderful than the status lines, likes, and “inanimate” comments of your friends that you see every day on your News Feed page. Sign out of your Facebook account, turn off your computer, step out into the world and meet people in person. Start creating your own exercise routine, find a hobby, or learn a language. When you have a passion in real life, you will find that the world around you has more interesting things to explore than just “looking” at Facebook all day, with friends that you often don’t know. who so much!

how to fix facebook understand

With this effective facebook detox, I believe you will be more in control of your personal time. Try and feel together how you feel when you quit Facebook addiction.

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