Increase game speed, speed up computer when playing Game, with instructions

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You are a game lover, today’s games require high computer configuration to meet them. To overcome this, would like to introduce some software that can speed up Game play so that you can experience today’s popular games.

Wise game Booster or Game Booster are both the best software to increase game speed. If you are a disciple of the PC game genre, you should speed up game play with Game Booster will help you experience more sensations.

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In addition, there are many other good software to support game acceleration, here would like to send you a summary of the best software below.

Effective gaming acceleration software and applications

first. Wise Game Booster: Advantages: Free, speed up Game play with simple interface, easy to use.

2. Razer Game Booster: Improve the speed of the computer when playing Games, optimize RAM memory and clean up the system. Load Razer Game Booster about computers.

3. Game Fire: Effectively accelerate gaming, in addition Game Fire can free up memory and focus resources for gaming.

4. GameThrust: Increase computer performance, speed up game play. However if you want to use GameThrust long term you have to pay after 30 trials.

5. Speed ​​Gear: Speed ​​up, adjust the game speed accordingly and come with many other useful features. Load Speed ​​Gear about computers.

Instructions for using software to speed up your computer when playing games

Speed ​​up Game play with Wise Game Booster

Step 1: Download software Wise Game Booster about computers.

Software installation: Quite simple, just click Next and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Start the program Wise Game Boosterat the main interface the program will list all the games installed on your computer.

To optimize you Click “Optimize All“.

playing games

Step 3: You switch to card System Optimizerhere you Click “Optimizer Now” to optimize them.

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Step 4: You switch to the card Process Optimizerhere the program lists the applications that affect your Game play, to optimize them you Click “End Process” as shown below

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Step 5: Switch to card Service Optimizerhere you “Stop Service” the application again to optimize the computer.

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You can also restore the above processes with “Restore” the top of the window.
With the above game acceleration support software will help you optimize the entire computer, so that the computer speeds up during the game play. Do not hesitate any longer, quickly download yourself a set of powerful tools to help you speed up your gaming to conquer your favorite Action Games.

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