How to switch versions in Warcraft 3

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Warcraft 3 is a name that is no longer strange to many gamers. Currently, Blizzard Entertainment has released a series of new updated versions of Warcraft 3. The updates will help the game work more stable on new operating systems.

To be able to play MOBA games like Dota or Dday or some other custom maps of Warcraft 3 game on Lan Game. You must convert to other versions to match the requirements of the map such as 1.23 and 1.24. The following article will guide you how to switch versions in Warcraft 3.

How to change your game in warcraft 3

As you remember when version 1.24 was released, Garena urged the community using Warcraft 3 version 1.23 on Garena to update this new version. But suddenly Ice Frog announced that Dota Allstar 6.62 will only be playable on version 1.24. Meanwhile, the version for DDay is only 1.23. So some Warcraft 3 players often have to change the version to be able to play the maps they like.

How to Switch Versions in Warcraft

For those who do not have Warcraft 3, download it here Warcraft 3

Step 1: You download the patches of Warcraft 3 if not already

* You visit this link to choose the version: Here

how to switch your game in warcraft 3 2

* A new web page you click on will appear download icon “Link File”

How to change your game in warcraft 3 3

Step 2: You wait 20 seconds for the download to start.

How to change your game in warcraft 3 4

– After the download is complete. You open the folder containing the patch you just downloaded.

* Extract the downloaded patch file by right-clicking on the file and selecting Extract to ….

how to switch your game in warcraft 3 5

* After the decompression process is complete, a new folder with the same name will appear. You go to that folder, you copy all the files in that folder. Then proceed to overwrite the whole thing to your Warcraft 3 folder

how to switch your game in warcraft 3 6

* Wait for it to complete and … enter the battle game 😀
With 2 simple steps above, you can switch between versions of Warcraft 3. You can also use software that supports Warcraft 3 games such as Lan Game and Garena Total and many other software.

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