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Accelerate playing the game Empire, also known as AOE with Game Booster, which supports low-end computers that can run Empire games. Follow the instructions below of to play the Empire game smoother with Game Booster.

Old offline games like Empire or Half Life have a fairly small capacity, consuming little computer RAM. Even Empire is only 1/3 of the capacity of Half Life (about 300MB) and plays smoothly on most modern computers today. However, with old computers, it is necessary to use game acceleration software to avoid jerks and lag when playing empire.

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One of the software that optimizes your computer to play games faster is Game Booster. Game Booster software has a very light capacity, supporting optimize computer for gaming Faster, smoother. This software, when activated, will reduce the game’s RAM consumption performance with the computer, so that the computer works more smoothly when running the game. For the game Empire, if you want to avoid lag, please follow the following instructions.

Accelerate game play with Game Booster

Download Game Booster software: Download Game Booster

Step 1: Download and install Game Booster on your computer. When starting up, the user guide of this software will appear.

Game Booster Game Booster Game Booster

Step 2: To add Empire to the list of speeding games, press + Add.

How to increase the level of the game booster

Step 3: Find the path where the Empire game is located, select the game .exe file. Finally press OK

How to play the game to cover the game booster

Step 4: Then you choose the game Empire and press Boost & Launch.

Collect the game to play the game Booster game

The game will be run on Game Booster software, then the software will access the game for you.

Game booster game to hide elephant game booster

Above is’s guide on how to speed up playing Empire game with Game Booster. Besides, if you like to use empire commands while playing, check out the list of Empire command To create moments of comfort after work, study stress.

With Game Booster, you can also use it to speed up the current HOT GTA game, especially with GTA 5 version, you can absolutely do that.
For tablets, there are also tricks to help you speed up gaming more effectively. By using the Smart Defrag application, you can speed up gaming with Smart Defrag on tablets, helping to play mobile games with high graphics.

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