If you want to win the top 1 of the CCP, gamers need to own these items at the end of the game

Winning the 1st place is always the dream of any gamer in the game, The arena of truth no exception. However, it will not be easy for you to achieve your goal because the more you climb to the higher position, the chances of encountering the players will also increase. How to conquer that peak here? Please refer to a few items to use at the end of the game to finish the game neatly below.

Devil letter Morello

Devil letter Morello

Has the same health regen reduction function Devil letter Morello is appreciated Red Hammer at the end of the game on the grounds that champions use this item like Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia good Viktor are upgraded to 2 or 3 stars.

In general, most generals with extensive skills in the Truth Arena can be “used” Devil letter Morello to take advantage of the enemy’s healing effect ability. This is especially useful because generals with wide-ranging skills are often “limited” in their hand attacks and also can’t launch too many moves. Therefore, if you let the opponent grasp this weakness and restore the strength, your efforts at the beginning of the battle will “pour into the river into the sea”.

Wind sword

Wind sword

With the great move “tornado” of the opponent’s chess pieces up about 5 seconds, the player can use Phong Kiem to give yourself an advantage in terms of numbers. The advice here is for you to study carefully what is the main chess piece of the opponent to easily “take action” to prevent them from responding.

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Sojin spear

Shojin spear

Usually, the chess pieces possess dangerous skills like Lulu, Urgot good Janna will be launched at the end of the game to finish off enemies. But in order to maintain the energy for those chess pieces to be able to continuously launch the attack, perhaps you should “transport” to nshojin.

It would be even more wonderful if the player combined it with Runaan Palace to increase recovery energy. That will directly affect the final result of the match.

The robe is quiet

The robe is quiet

This is considered to be a good deal-solving item when it comes to launching early attacks and bursting damage quickly. The tranquil cloak counteracts the mixed formations very well Witch, Star Guardian or general Gangplank.

To use this item most effectively, gamers should let it affect the most dangerous piece of the enemy, not spread over many different chess pieces.

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