Factors affecting the turn of the shot in DDTank

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DDTank is a turn-based gun game, so turns are very important to each player. So, the gunner needs to know the factors that directly affect the shot to upgrade to suit each match, quickly win himself. What are those factors? Please follow the article below:

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Factors affecting the turn of the shot in DDTank

Speed ​​index

Speed ​​index is the main factor, directly affecting your turn of the shot. The higher the speed, the better the chance to shoot first, as well as to shoot 2 times in a row or take turns in front of the opponent. Therefore, players need to focus on upgrading the following elements to increase the speed index:

  • Weapons: Enhances speed, passive for weapons. The lower the passive, the more HP can win turns, the darts group has the highest speed stats.
  • Pet: Add the speed index straight, depending on the type of Pet that the plus will be different.
  • State Skills: Add speed directly.
  • Gem: Add speed directly.

Strengthen weapons

Physical consumption

The next factor that also affects your turn of the shot is Energy consumption to use items. The less stamina is consumed, the easier it is to have more turns.

Hit shot

After having a turn, you need to choose the appropriate shooting position, calculate the angle of fire, and the force of fire. At the same time, consider wind power and distance to get an accurate shot.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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