An ordinary day for Super Heroes

mot ngay binh thuong cua cac sieu anh hung - Emergenceingame

Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi is a kid at heart. Not only does he enjoy playing with superhero toys, but he also tells his story through photography. The most interesting thing is that he is also very funny when he brings the competitors on the box office to show the characters. Not only to fight, but also to bring them into the real world.


Under his shooting angle, the Super hero full of emotions plus perfect effects and humor made the fans burst into laughter. Let’s see what the superheroes in your heart do in everyday life!

When these superheroes appear on the silver screen, they are extremely majestic and majestic, but surprisingly, under the lens of this photographer, they appear full of emotions like humans. There are even a lot of Cosplay groups that have made fans’ hearts flutter because their private life is so good!

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