Revealing behind-the-scenes photos of Top 10 Miss VLTK Mobile in Hoi An

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So after the preparation time, the top 10 Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile has officially entered phase 2 of the final round. Here, the contestants will be present to accompany the program at Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An to participate in practical experiences and challenges from the BTC before finding the owners of the 1st and 1st runner-up titles. and 2nd runner-up.

One of the challenging topics in any Miss pageant is the photography contest. Within the framework of Miss VLTK Mobile, our 10 contestants have to go through the content of taking photos of bikini, tennis, ao dai and movement games. Surely now the gaming community is very eager to admire the beautiful photos of the top 10 beauties who love it. But first, let’s also take a peek behind the scenes to see how the girls express themselves!

To be able to appear shimmering in each frame, the female gamers as well as the makeup and costumes team had to prepare extremely carefully.

The Top 10 Miss VLTK Mobile respectively showed off their seductive beauty in bikini, dynamism in tennis and grace in traditional ao dai as well as teamwork in group challenges.​


Not to mention the results, this will certainly be an extremely memorable and enjoyable experience for our 10 girls. Through challenging competitions and practical experiences, the top 10 contestants have the opportunity to express themselves, their personality, beauty, teamwork and personality more. Especially thanks to that, the jury will have the most objective and accurate views and assessments to choose the face most deserving of the title of Champion.

So in just a few days, the owner of the Miss VLTK Mobile title will officially find the owner. Who will be the name that will be named, which will be the face that will represent the beauty and talent of millions of female gamers participating in the VLTK Mobile player community? The Gala Final program at Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An will be directly linked by Emergenceingame.Com from the VLTK Mobile fanpage at 19:00 tomorrow night, October 12, 2018. Let’s follow and support our girls!

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