Avengers 4 suddenly revealed the duo Captain America and Black Widow

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Warning reveals plot of Avengers Infinity Warreaders consider before watching.

As many readers already know, Avengers Infinity War ends with Thanos Take full control of the Infinity Gauntlet and erase half of the universe. Although the core Avengers team is still alive, but looking at the general context, the Earth has lost half of its superhero force up to the present time.. Standing in front of a new force with far superior strength More than before, the Avengers and the rest of them will have a lot of work to do in the new movie.


Standing in front of the question mark surrounding the context of Avengers 4two screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely opened up about completely new details that fans Marvel can look forward to in the future.


Although tight-lipped about the general plot of Avengers 4, these two writers still have a small “gift” for those who have been waiting for this blockbuster.


After hearing this statement, many fans have speculated that Captain America and Black Widow will take the initiative more than before, even playing a big role in the Avengers’ counterattack against Thanos. However, things can only become clear when Avengers 4 hello… and we still have some time before this bomb officially explodes.

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