Hundreds of gamers Gamota Condor Heroes hunt and challenge PK with Ung Hoang Phuc

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As promised before, the male singer Ung Hoang Phuc officially appeared on the livestream at 2 pm on January 20 to interact with fans and challenge the PK level of gamers. Hero of Condor Gamota.


Although always busy with work, Ung Hoang Phuc can only play and practice “skills” in his spare time, but he is still very confident when holding his character to challenge other gamers. It is known that he is playing the character Cai Bang with the nickname xTayPlay Bo Giax (the name of this singer’s character is quite familiar when playing sword games) at S1 – Quach Tinh with a fighting force index of nearly 500 thousand.


Ung Hoang Phuc with the character xTayPlay Godfather

Although possessing such a top-class combat power, it seems that our gamers are not afraid because they know with the gameplay of the game. Condor Heroes Gamota, the most important thing is the PK skill, not the higher fighting force than victory. The proof is that when Ung Hoang Phuc appeared on the livestream and gave a challenge, hundreds of gamers “massively” crowded into Trung Do Thanh channel 1 (in-game map) with the desire to challenge their idols. mine.



A lot of gamers “queue” waiting for their turn to interact with their idols

Results after nearly 1 hour of PK competition, Ung Hoang Phuc had to give up with a score of 4 – 6. Sharing with the Board of Directors, Tran Ngoc sent his praise: “I am happy to compete with singer Ung Hoang Phuc, me and him had a pretty intense match. Hopefully in the future I have more opportunities to play, I see him playing quite hard! (laugh)”

As for Ung Hoang Phuc, the male singer was very surprised with the PK level of gamers Gamota Condor Heroes.: “Today, thank you to everyone who came to the PK exchange with Phuc, it was very fun. I didn’t expect them to be so good at PK, there were friends who lost a lot to me and still managed to win. I will definitely have to practice more so that I can interact with everyone again next time!”


In addition to competing, male singer Ung Hoang Phuc also shared the most basic ways for gamers to increase combat power in Gamota Condor Heroes such as increasing assistants, meridians, enhancing equipment, … Besides, , he also did not forget to send the audience his hits such as Sword Soul (the theme music of the game Hero Condor), It is said, Dream of a love …


Dubbed the swordplay game with the most diverse and attractive PK function today, Gamota Condor Heroes has proved that in duels, it is not just about having money to be strong, but the most important thing. is the player’s fighting skill. Believe that in the future, this game will appear PK tournaments with a grand scale for gamers to compete.

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