How to use Pokemon catch items

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How to catch Pokemon most effectively? Or where there is the most Pokemon is a question that most gamers Pokemon GO interested and looking for answers. In my previous article, once guided you How to catch Pokemon effectively through the Near by feature. But in addition to that, Pokemon GO also has another way for players to earn more Pokemon without moving, which is to catch Pokemon with items.

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Using Pokemon capture items is how players use items that attract Pokemon and attract them to their side. This is how gamers are still doing in cases where they can’t move or want to catch the fastest and most effective Pokemon without spending time searching.

How to successfully catch Pokemon 100%

Catch the most effective Pokemon

The two types of items that players can use are the Incense and the Lure Module. Although there is also the feature of attracting the same Pokemon, but the usage and effectiveness are very different, so you should pay close attention to the best use of them.

How to use Incense:

  • Incense can be used in any location, any time.
  • From the main interface of the game, you choose the icon of the Pokeball fruit, select the item icon and then use the Incense.

How to know Incense is used:

When used, the item’s icon will appear with a small pink smoke ring around the character’s body.

Use Incense to catch Pokemon

Effects of Incense:

Within 30 minutes, all Pokemon around your location will automatically run towards you, at this point the only task is to use Pokeball to catch them.


This is not only an opportunity to catch more Pokemon but also an opportunity for us to level up, earn experience points as well as owning new Pokemon not yet in Pokedex. So throw the Pokeball accurately and make good use of this 30-minute interval.

Conquer Pokemon with Incense
Characters are using Incense items

Buy Incense, where to get Incense?

You can go into the Shop and use PokeCoins to buy Incense to use.

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How to use the Lure Module

Unlike Incense which can be used arbitrarily, Lure Module only works if the user uses it at Pokestop.

Effects of Lure Module

Also works to attract and lure Pokemon towards the user. But instead of just us, this item will work simultaneously with all other players around Pokestop. That means if we use the Lure Module to catch Pokemon, other people can also “foul of” yours.

The effect of the Lure Module also lasts for 30 minutes.

Catch pokemon with Lure module

How to identify Pokestop being Lure Module:

It is easy to see these Pokestops with a pink circle and many other pink petals around.

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Signs that Pokestop is using Lure Module

After you have got the Pokemon you want, or quickly upgrade and increase their power to protect the Gym and get experience points for the character. Also, if there are errors during the game, let’s see what error it is and can be fixed in this article.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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