How to upload videos to youtube, upload high quality videos fastest

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Just a few steps, you can upload videos to Youtube, the largest video sharing social network today, the time to post and upload videos to Youtube with your laptop or PC is fast or slow depending on the quality of your internet connection. user.

Youtube is the largest video sharing social network today, thousands of videos are downloaded on Youtube every day. For professional Youtube users, they will have different ways to upload videos to Youtube in the fastest way, and there are also many users who go to youtube to download Youtube videos to their computer memory.

How to listen to len youtube videos

Instructions for uploading videos to Youtube from a computer

Uploading a Video to Youtube is not too difficult, but it is not easy for those who do not know how to do it. How to upload a large video? Or how to keep the resolution of the uploaded Video?… The answer will be answered in the article below.

How to upload videos to Youtube quickly and effectively

Step 1: Visit Youtube’s homepage or

Log in to Youtube (It is a gmail account login, to log in gmail, you need a gmail account) by clicking Sign In (upper right corner of the screen) (you only need a Gmail account to be able to log in directly to Youtube, don’t have an account yet, please register for gmail, create a gmail account for yourself now).

how to upload videos len youtube

Step 2: After successful login, click Upload to prepare to upload the Video.

ear video len youtube

Step 3: A dialog box displays a message that your video uploaded will be placed in a new Youtube channel (this dialog box is only displayed when you have never uploaded a Video to Youtube).

Click OK to continue

ear video len youtube on pc

Step 4: Select the Video you want to upload by moving the mouse to the position with the arrow pointing up or drag the Video and drop it directly into Youtube

ear video len youtube on laptop

Step 5: It takes a certain amount of time, depending on the size of the Video you want to upload. Usually during the upload process, Youtube will automatically display the link of the video later.

ear video len youtube

Videos posted on Youtube usually have a certain size and duration. However, if you notice on Youtube there are movies that are longer than 20 minutes or even hours, then you just need to pay attention and adjust the size of the file.

Step 6: During the successful video upload, you can set the basic parameters in the Basic Info

Title: Title of the Video.
description: Description for Video.
Tags: Add some keywords to make it easier for others to find
Privacy settings: Video privacy settings (Public, non-public or private)
Category: Select category for Video

ear video len youtube

Some advanced settings in the Advanced settings section to note:

Video location: Video upload location.
Recording date: Last updated for Video.
3D Videos: Select the 3D format.
Age restrictions : Age restriction for viewers

If there are not too many requirements, it is best to leave the default mode for the settings.

ear video len youtube

Step 7: The video after downloading will be displayed in My Channel your

ear video len youtube

Click Video to review

ear video len youtube

To continue uploading a new Video, you repeat the same way above.

It is quite simple for you to share your video images to a large number of people. With instructions on how to upload videos to Youtube in detail and quite meticulously like this. I believe that as long as you follow the article from beginning to end, you will definitely be able to do it.

In this article, I have introduced you to upload each video to Youtube, if you want to upload multiple videos at the same time to Youtube, how to do it? upload multiple Videos to YouTube at the same time will be really useful to you. According to the latest information, Youtube is about to launch the feature Play live video on Youtube From a mobile device, this is an interesting feature and also the way Youtube wants to compete with the feature live video on Facebook of the largest social network today, Facebook

Youtube is the largest video sharing social network and also home to many interesting and interesting music, you can download these songs through the way to extract music from youtube that Taimienphi has guided, there are many methods help extract music from youtube like using online services or software, it’s up to you to choose.

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