How to update to the new Gmail and return to the old Gmail interface

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This morning Google just released its biggest Gmail update with a bunch of new features. Many users want to experience new features but do not know how to update Gmail.

To experience the new features in the Gmail update that Google just released this morning, users will need to update their Gmail app.

Having to use the new version of Gmail makes it too difficult for you because the old features have changed and you always want to change the old gmail interface to make it easier to use but don’t know how to do it, refer to this article. Write instructions on how to change the old gmail interface that has been shared on

How to update new Gmail

To update to the new Gmail, first you need to log in to your Gmail, Then click on the cog icon in the top right corner of the screen, this is the item Settings (Setting). Finally click on Try the new Gmail (Try the new Gmail).

how to update

Update new Gmail manually

How to return to the old Gmail interface

To return to the classic Gmail interface, go to Settings (Settings), select Go back to classic Gmail (Back to classic Gmail)

Go back to your gmail interface

It is also possible to go back to using the classic Gmail interface

After successfully updating the new Gmail, you will have access and use many new features. First of all, the Gmail web interface is completely new, the inbox is less cluttered, and users can quickly access other Google applications.

Some features added in the new Gmail update:

Attachment Chips (attachments): View attachments without having to open the email.

Confidential Mode: Send emails that can’t be forwarded, downloaded, or printed in Gmail.

Security improvements: Malicious emails are highlighted in bold red.

Smart Reply: Suggest email reply content.

Snooze button: reschedule important emails but users can’t process them immediately.

Prioritize notification level: Highlight important content.

– Reminders to reply to forgotten emails.

Unsubscribe (unsubscribe): Keep SPAM emails.

Some images of the new Gmail interface

update gmail now

Welcome screen when entering new Gmail

change new gmail

Select the view in the new Email interface

what kind of email do you need?

New Gmail layout has many changes


A small note before performing the new Gmail update steps is here not a Gmail app update for Android and iOS it’s a web-based Gmail update, for example you can update to new Gmail on browsers like Coc Coc, Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, IE, Opera. This new update is designed primarily for computer users. New features for Gmail on the web will be added to other platforms soon in the future.
Above, has just shown you how to update the new Gmail. What are you waiting for, update now to the new Gmail and experience a host of new features and interfaces

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