How to unlock items in Mini World: Block Art on the computer

Regime Creation in Mini World: Block Art There are plenty of items that are good enough for you to build buildings, play with and craft your own creative tools, but there are still items that beginners have to unlock in other ways. together.

These items will make your building more different and more unique when using them for your own architecture, below will show you how to unlock the items in Mini World: Block Art Please.

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How to unlock items in Mini World: Block Art

Step 1: In the main view, click Garden.

Mini World Unlock

Next click on the icon Notebook in the lower left corner.

Mini World Unlock

If there is an unlockable item, the unlock request bar is full and has a red dot in the right corner. To unlock the item you just need to click.

Mini World Unlock

Here, for example, I unlock the item Yellow Glass Lamp, for this item the system requires three pieces Yellow Glass Lamp, press unlock to perform unlocking items.

Mini World Unlock

Unlocked successfully, click OK to finish.

Mini World Unlock

Your suggestion is that item pieces can be obtained from events, see also article How to make Mini Beans in Mini World: Block Art to know how to join the event and get rewards in the game.

If you want to check the puzzle, go to the interface Garden, click Warehouse to test the reward. There will be gifts received from the event here. If you have a box Happy Gift open it, you can get Mini Beans from there.

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Mini World Unlock

And some items are unlocked with Mini Beans, if you take the trouble, each day you can earn more than 100 Mini Beans. See tips to earn pass on the article above to get Mini Beans then unlock it.

You can also unlock while playing the game, just hover the mouse on the item you want to unlock, click Alt key to show the unlock button.

Mini World Unlock

When the button is displayed Unlock Please click on it to perform unlock if eligible.

Mini World Unlock

After unlocking, press OK.

Mini World Unlock

After that, take out the item and use it normally.

Mini World Unlock

If you are rich, you can refill to buy Mini Beans and then buy Merry Fireworks to unlock items that can be unlocked with Mini Beans. If not, please take the time to plow the event in the game and take care of the crops to receive Mini Beans, the amount of Mini Beans you receive from those events is not small.

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